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THE GOODS: So Good for Her – Target Plus Size Finds – GBN

Lesa Lakin
Lesa Lakin

I’m not one of those types of people who can stay in Target for hours combing through everything. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Target, but shopping there for me is always purposeful. I go early when nobody is there. Pass on the crowds, the parking hustle… “in and out” is my motto. But on the rare occasion when my daughter is home and suggests going to Target, I suck it up and go for the “bonding” time. But it’s usually only ten minutes before she wants to stay and I want to leave.

The other day we ventured out and I’ve got to say, she was relatively quick. She’d only tried to stick a few extra things in my basket (deodorant, razors, toothpaste, a random pair of Little Mermaid pajamas)… okay you’re a college kid… my treat. But then we chose to separate. I went to the travel section and she to electronics. I grabbed my travel accessories in two seconds and she was NOT in the electronics section when I went to find her. The frantic, ignored “Where are you?” texts started poppin’.

Okay, okay, I know… I was with one of those professional Target shoppers and I let her loose. Who can blame her… they’ve got everything. But come on, she has to scour every little inch of the store until I pop and give her the old, ”I’m getting in line and leaving in five minutes with or without you!”? Really? Every time? But this time, I actually got a little sidetracked when I saw a flash of leopard out of the corner of my eye. It called me.

I knew whatever I was seeing was going to be perfect for my mother, the collector of leopard apparel. Eureka! It was a robe… who doesn’t need a leopard robe? (I imagined her saying that after opening her present). And I was thrilled to see that it was in plus size… in fact, I had ventured into the plus-size section and was LOVING what I was seeing. Jackpot! Not only had I nailed the perfect gift for my mother… the robe also came in sizes XS – 3X! I had flashes of being in it on a cold morning with a cup of whatever doing whatever. Thanks for covering all bases, Target. I needed the robe, too. It was somehow chic and I had to have it.

By the time my daughter found me, I had the robe over my clothes looking completely nuts, admiring myself in a column that wasn’t exactly a mirror. But that’s the beauty of Target – nobody really questions or cares. We are all on our individual adventures. I guess it was my turn to be dragged out of Target… but not before seeing some great plus-size finds (and giving my daughter a lecture about driving herself next time)…

Women's Plus Size Cozy Robe - Gilligan & O'Malley®

WOMEN’S PLUS SIZE COZY ROBE – Gilligan & O’Malley® $27.99

I have a running dialogue with my brother-in-law about women and their animal prints… yeah, we like them… what? This robe is screaming my name. LOVE it! Want it! #leopard

http://www.target.com/p/women-s-plus-size-cozy-robe-gilligan-o-malley/-/A- 21552899

Plus Size Long Sleeve Knit Top - Lily Star


This lightweight sweater is a cool find that makes for a nice, reasonably-priced gift.

http://www.target.com/p/plus-size-long-sleeve-knit-top-lily-star/-/A- 46783683#prodSlot=large_6_26&term=plus+size+women

Women's Plus Size Flannel Pajama Set - Nick & Nora®


Every year, I ask for a new pair of pajamas and I make it super easy. “Please get me Nick & Nora p.j.’s from Target.” But without fail, I amend my list because I really don’t like being cold and I get my own way before Christmas rolls around. Great buy and they last a long time. They come in sizes XS – 3X. Highly recommend. Great gift.


Women's Plus Size Faux Leather Sweater Jacket - U-Knit


It’s still in! Faux fur. This vest gives a special touch with leather accents.


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THE GOODS: Party Season with Banana Republic – Gift Ideas – GBN

Lesa Lakin
Lesa Lakin

It’s holiday party season and we found a few reasonably-priced items from a store I hadn’t been in for quite some time. No reason in particular… Banana Republic has just never really been my speed (a little conservative – or so I thought). But when I walked in, I was surprised by how far Banana Republic had come.

Full disclosure – I was in there trying to exchange a birthday gift. And after my no-nonsense return haggle… I really looked around and boy, was I pleasantly impressed. Yes, you can still find and always will find classic and conservative pieces, but there are also edgier, fun pieces throughout the store.

First, I have to commend Banana Republic on the store lighting. It looked great in there. Good enough for the woman “on day five” of her facial peel to take her glasses off and sit next to me to try on shoes. She’d made the assumption I was staring at her face. I wasn’t – I was looking at the shoes in her hand – but I was happy she was comfortable enough to sit with me and explain what the big black spots on her cheeks were. Banana Republic actually felt very warm and friendly.

I was shown the following pieces and I gotta say… I bought myself a few things. Sales are going on now and there are some serious on-line and in-store bargains to be had:

Braided Chain Line Bracelet - Banana Republic


Not everyone is a jewelry person… but here’s an easy piece even jewelry lovers may want. It’s a great bracelet to spark up any outfit.


Faux-Fur Trim Open Sweater Vest - Banana Republic


A young saleswoman looked at me and in whisper tones she said, “I have something you will appreciate. Not everyone gets it, but I know you will.” Even if it was a hustle, I bought it. She had me because she liked my style. She was right… I got it and I like it! Look, sometimes I like to save my faux fur for my Vegas trips… but other days I’m in my faux fur, T-shirts and jeans and shopping at Whole Foods. This piece isn’t your average vest… it’s different and special!


Daphne Lace-Up Bootie - Banana Republic

DAPHNE LACE-UP BOOTIE $148.00 (Check in-store I got these for 60% off)

While these camo booties may not be the most practical choice, they are certainly a fun wardrobe addition. I have no idea where or when I am wearing them, but I know it will be a good fashion moment.


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THE GOODS: Festive Affordable Holiday Gift Picks – GAP – GBN

Lesa Lakin
Lesa Lakin

This year give the gift of peace and love with the cozy beanies we found at the GAP.  Affordable and practical these hats make for great gifts.  I LOVE the LOVE hat!

Also we found sweaters on sale now. Have you checked out the GAP lately? There seems to be a sale every time I blink.  They’ve got great things right now, so don’t miss out.  Here are a few of our finds….

Word Logo Pom-Pom Beanie


No one can argue that we don’t need a little more peace and love in our lives. These beanies make for great gifts.


Floral jacquard pullover sweater


On sale now, this 100% cotton floral sweater is a great buy.


Slim cropped pants  (in garnet)


These stretch double weave pants in garnet are perfect for any festive occasion.


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THE GOODS: Holiday Gifts for Her – Rings – GBN

Lesa Lakin

It’s Day 7 and today we bring you rings for her. These picks are pure fun. Personally, I got into the jewelry game when a co-worker rolled into work after recovering from a reaction to her stronger-than-usual, recent facial peel. I know, I know… you’re rolling your eyes. But let’s not judge… she looked really great after she finally healed. She just had no idea her recovery time would take her into actual workdays.

So there she was peeling and with barely any make-up on, but with a big necklace, earrings and a conversation-starting ring. When I commented on her ring, she gave me a smile and simply said, “Thank you. I tried.” It is still a moment that tickles me. We found a couple of conversation starters…

Gus & Al Silver ‘Smile’ Ring


Lately I have been really liking that the magazine business has gotten into bringing us their direct picks, shopping guides and quick links via email and apps. I was roaming through Harper Bazaar’s finds and couldn’t resist the iconic smiley face in a ring.

Bauble Bar Band Ring


Can’t go wrong with a personalized band ring. Comes in sterling silver or 14k gold plated sterling silver (for an additional 10.00)


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THE GOODS: Holiday Gifts for Her – T by Alexander Wang – GBN

Lesa Lakin*
Lesa Lakin*

It’s Day 5 of our holiday selects. Today we’ve got choices that are SO GOOD. Alexander Wang’s secondary line T by Alexander Wang offers affordable designer picks.

It’s holiday party season and either of these picks can be dressed up or down. I’ve got the dress in black and I’ll be getting the grey.

The fabrics are soft and lightweight enough to pack if you’re headed on a holiday this holiday season. Check out this easy dress and must-have top.


Midi Dress T by Alexander Wang

T by Alexander Wang

http://www.bergdorfgoodman.com/T-by-Alexander-Wang-Strappy-Stretch-Midi- Dress-Heather-Gray-t-by-alexander- wang/prod114450010___/p.prod?icid=&searchType=MAIN&rte=%252Fsearch.jsp %253FN%253D0%2526Ntt%253Dt%252Bby%252Balexander%252Bwang%2526 _requestid%253D73990&eItemId=prod114450010&cmCat=search



http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/t-by-alexander-wang-circle-cutout-short-sleeve- jersey-tee/4202302?origin=shoppingbag

This is on my “have to have it” list. It’s a great throw-on-and-go piece. Wear with just a bra for a peek of skin or a full camisole. Love it! Want it!

*Lesa is wearing T by Alexander Wang (dress in black) & an old hat her mother found during her travels.

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THE GOODS: For Her – Holiday Gift Ideas – GBN

Lesa Lakin
Lesa Lakin*

Today, as promised, goodblacknews.org (GBN) brings you more gift ideas for the holidays.

On Day 2 we turn to women’s rain boots. We found these practical-yet-stylish versions of the conventional boot great for her.

I haven’t had the chance to wear mine yet… but gotta say… I love them already. On sale now, the leopard is a great buy.





https://www.jcrew.com/womens_category/shoes/boots/PRD~C2499/C2499.jsp?N brd=J

Check out entire J. Crew women’s gift guide:




A spin on the classic moto, this edgy/chic rain boot is offered in four colors. $160.00

http://www.rag-bone.com/sale/shoes/moto-rain-boot- 886353097429.html#start=1

*Lesa is wearing JCrew (vintage hat), Rag & Bone (jacket) Twelfth Street Cynthia Vincent (dress)

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Online Entrepreneur Camille Newman Seeks to Revolutionize Fashion for Curvy Girls with PopUpPlus.com

Midnight Mock Neck Dress
Midnight Mock Neck Dress

It is a time old scenario, college girl meets hot guy, girl gets asked out on a date, girls goes to the mall and is unable to find anything to wear, as a result, girl creates her own business.

This is the true story of Camille Newman, founder of  the online plus-size boutique PopUpPlus.com.  Although the market of curvy women has gone largely ignored by the fashion world, today, this overlooked demographic is becoming increasingly popular and lucrative. According to Bloomberg, the plus-size industry is now valued at $17.5 billion. However, maverick and online entrepreneur Camille already knew the value of her curvy sisters and had her nose to the grindstone catering to this underserved market long before it became in vogue.

Eurweb had the pleasure to catch up with Camille Newman to discuss her online fashion boutique and why she feels most retailers are late guests to the curvy gal party.

Describe your background.

I graduated from college in 2002 with a liberal arts background.  I have always had a love for fashion and I’ve always been curvy.  I was actually on the path to a Ph.D. program, but I transitioned into corporate retail and moved back to New York City.  I started out with Lane Bryant and since then for a number of companies for a long amount of time. I’ve been in fashion for almost 15 years [overseeing] store management, pricing strategy, planning and buying.

How did you come up with the ideas to start your business?

While in college, I met this cute guy and he asked me out for a date.  My best friend and I went to the local mall and [we spent hours there]. I realized that I gained a lot of weight and I could not find anything to wear.  I remember feeling terrible. It was a real blow to my self-esteem. I promised myself that no other girl that was my weight or heavier would ever feel like that.  That is how my interest in the plus size industry started.  I [thought of] a way to enter the industry with a low overhead and that’s how the idea for the pop up shop [was developed].

What are biggest misconceptions about plus-size women?

The biggest misconception is that we all have some insecurity, we overeat, and that we are unhappy and fat.  A plus-size woman is a regular girl with some extra weight on.  I’m saying we don’t have our challenges but I think our challenges [are increased] when you don’t see yourself being represented in the fashion industry. There are so many reasons why women gain weight. Many women have had children, they have issues with thyroids [which affects] a lot of African American women, which was my issue, it made me gain and keep the weight.  I have met plus size women who are fashionable and taking style risk.  Plus-size woman are have always been creative.  I met a lady who tailored maternity wear.  We have always been a creative group of fashionistas.

In your opinion, why these misconceptions continue to exist in our society?

Love Story Crop Set Black
Love Story Crop Set Black

On my Instagram, I will post a girl in a form fitting dress and people will have rude, nasty comments. “Oh my God look at her butt, yes she has shape wear on but why is she wearing that, [she should wear] something more flowing, [she should] cover [her] arms.” And the [July issue where] the Oprah Magazine article said that you can only wear a crop top if you have a flat stomach. I think we live in a society unfortunately, that fashion has been able to take over our minds and make you think that in order to be fashionable you have to be skinny, blonde, tall, and anorexic looking.

The reality is according to the United States Census 6 out of 10 women in the U.S. are a size 14 or larger. Yet, we allow the fashion industry to dictate our taste, but they shouldn’t be able to dictate what is good and real for a woman’s body. The fashion industry should not be allowed to perpetuate size-ism; they should not be allowed to make the majority of American woman feel bad about themselves.

What separates your company from other retailers that cater to the full-figure woman? Continue reading “Online Entrepreneur Camille Newman Seeks to Revolutionize Fashion for Curvy Girls with PopUpPlus.com”

The Week Designers Showed Black Women Love Feat. Tinashe, Ciara And Joan Smalls

Halle Berry Teams Up With Scandale Paris to Create Fashionable, Afforable Lingerie

Halle Berry unveils ’Scandale Paris’ at Laduree Soho in New York City.

Interview by Yolanda Sangweni via Essence.com

Halle Berry has been the face for many luxury labels (remember those Versace ads?), but now the actress is branching off into a fashion venture of her own. The lingerie lover is teaming up with 80-year-old French intimates brand Scandale Paris for a 10-piece capsule collection ranging from $7 for underwear to $18 for bras. Tres cheap, no? The best part is that the line is available at Target, or shall we say –– Tarjay. Let Halle, the new Scandale co-owner, tell you herself.

ESSENCE.com: Why Target? It’s very affordable.  It’s for the everyday woman. Why that brand?

HALLE BERRY: That’s why, because I have over the years liked some amazing pieces of lingerie.  They were a small fortune, and most of them given to me because I refuse to pay $200 for a bra, but companies have sent them to me and I’ve enjoyed them.  I thought this is great that somebody sent to me, but can real women really go and spend $200 on one bra?  It never quite made sense.

But I love lingerie, and like I said in the top, I have friends that wear the same $200 bra until it falls apart, and I thought something’s not right here.  If you can partner with Target, and you manufacture with La Perla because he knows how to do it, if he can make a quality product and we can sell it for $16 at Target, and it’s something that’s on the level of any great product, it’s not going to fall apart, that’s quality, and I thought that’s a win for us and it’s a win for the consumer because they can have a collection of bras now.  You don’t have to wear one until it falls apart, you can wear a different one everyday and you haven’t broken your bank.

That for me was really important to offer that to women.

ESSENCE.com: Is this only going to be sold at Target?

BERRY: It’s only going to be sold in Target, it’s just we’re starting sort of small with our signature collection, and then we’re going to roll it out.  We’re starting in some of their bigger stores to launch, and then we’ll go out into all the smaller stores with more.  As we’ll roll into the spring with a whole spring line that’s a different colorway than these colors are.  Then we’ll have a different collection for summer, then a different collection for fall.  Then we’ll go in with different styles then what’s standing, trying to be seasonal at the same time.

ESSENCE.com: Was this lingerie line developed at home?

BERRY: Yes.  Being married to him, honestly, he has held me to a standard because he’s from there (Paris) and so he’s very picky about, you know, if I don’t have on something quite right he’s like, “What’s this?” Okay. It’s that time of the month so I chose some red.  In three days, I’ll be back.  He holds me to it, and that’s nice.  It’s nice to have a man that notices and cares.

ESSENCE.com: And appreciates it.

BERRY: …and appreciates it, yes, and appreciates it.

ESSENCE.com: Will Molly Woods be wearing Scandale next season?
Continue reading “Halle Berry Teams Up With Scandale Paris to Create Fashionable, Afforable Lingerie”

Kerry Washington Graces the June Cover of Elle Magazine

kerry washington elle

Kerry Washington has landed the cover of Elle‘s June 2013 issue, making it the actress’ first major fashion mag cover. Washington poses in a sweet cardigan and plaid shorts by Marc Jacobs, with just a hint of a Carine Gilson Lingerie Couture bra peeking out.  It shouldn’t be too surprising that Kerry’s scored a major cover — not only is she a Best-Dressed List regular with enviable red carpet style, but she also stars in TV’s hottest show, Scandal, and was part of the massively successful Django Unchained.

Yet with all that success, Kerry had yet to pose for a fashion magazine cover up till now. Women’s Health, Ebony, Essence, Vibe — plenty of non-fashion glossies have chosen Kerry for their covers. She even shared the cover of Elle‘s “Women in Hollywood” issue in December 2012. But the likes of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar eluded her. Until now.

article via huffingtonpost.com