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Although I work primarily in television and film, I started Good Black News a few years ago after a conversation with noted author Terry McMillan.  She told me about a school for black males where 100% of the seniors matriculated to college, but couldn’t find the story on any major news site. Even if it wasn’t in the mainstream press, I thought for sure there must be some “good black news” site covering it, so I set out to find it and send her the link.  Shockingly, I couldn’t find a site dedicated solely to positive black news, so in that moment I was compelled to create one.  The quickest and simplest way for me to do this was via Facebook, and so on March 18, 2010, the Good Black News page was born.  Over the past few years, with no advertising, paid staff or funding, the Facebook page has gained thousands of followers, leading to the creation of this dedicated website, where stories can be accessed by topic and searched via keywords. Please help GBN continue to grow by joining our e-mail list via our “Contact Us” tab, spreading the word, sharing, and commenting. Onward and upward – together!

Lori Lakin Hutcherson
Good Black News Founder and Editor-In-Chief

Lesa Lakin

When my sister and I were younger we saw an episode of “The Brady Bunch” called “Power of the Press.” Peter Brady calls himself “Scoop Brady” and runs around in search of stories when granted his own by-line for the school paper. We LOVED it. We KNEW it. We LIVED it. We set up our own “newsroom” grabbed pens, pads, plastic microphones and put on our “investigator” hats. We were going to start our own paper and be reporters! Our parents didn’t mind…we were creative and well, maybe we’d learn something.

Something about the reporter/writer concept resonated even at that age. The “Lakin Log” was born. We called ourselves “Scoop 1” and “Scoop 2” and reported on general kid stuff like pets, music, games and toys.

When Lori started GBN I called her up and said, “Hey, Lou (referencing Lou Grant the editor from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”), I think I have time to help you with Good Black News.” It took her a moment to take in that I really wanted to help. She knows I get busy and THIS I needed to take seriously. We weren’t kids anymore reporting on “Why Dad Made Me Pull Weeds.” GBN was very personal and serious and we could really contribute something. But I being her big sister thought, “Really? You’re questioning me? I can expand the focus on more lifestyle, sports, trends and creative accomplishments.” She agreed but put me on “as a trial contributor” for a month. Uh huh…she tested me. That’s how important GBN was to her. Well, I passed and I have been contributing ever since. So before we publish every story, review, interview or assignment we end our call with a “Thanks, Scoop” or “Thanks, Lou” (depending on who takes which role).

I, too, ended up in the film and television industry as a producer but I guess I also always had a little Scoop in me.

Lesa Lakin
Good Black News Lifestyle and Fashion Editor

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  34. Thank you so much for creating this site because sometimes I just feel uneasy about clicking on neutral expression on a black person’s face because they could be a murderer, murdered, or missing. It is really touching that you found all of these stories because I haven’t been able to hear about them anywhere else. You’re really making a difference and thank you again.

    Liked by 1 person

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  44. WOW, I applaud YOU..I was just having an online chat with someone about this very topic; about taking matters into one’s OWN hands when WE want to see something done. You’ve done it in a BIG way ..and thousands of us are reaping the benefit. I, for one, am sick & tired, nope! I’m tyeeeeed..of only reading negative Black news. I know it isn’t really so; BUT the media has the POWER to make it appear as if it is all negative..It is up to US to get the positive news out there..The really important thing? Is so the youth , especially Black youth, can see & hear positive things about other Blacks…it matters & it makes a difference. Thank you for showing us all, once again, the strength/diligence/progressiveness of Black women! 2 thumbs UP and stay UPlifted, encouraged and blessed


    • Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! Support from wonderful people like you makes it all worthwhile, and especially, as you so rightly pointed out, the effect this can have on our youth. I’ve received comments and e-mails from young folks who tell me until they read about it on GBN’s site or Facebook Page, there are certain historical figures or events they’ve never heard about. Feedback like that is priceless, and absolutely keeps us going. Please continue to reblog and spread the word… and thanks again!


      • WOW about the young folks commenting on things they’ve read on GBN; that they’d never heard of. That is awesome & shows how powerful the ‘Net has gotten. Amazing to think there was a day; when we didn’t have internet at our fingertips. And no worries I’m an avid & loyal fan of GBN and always will be.


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