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Lesa Lakin
Lesa Lakin

I’m not one of those types of people who can stay in Target for hours combing through everything. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Target, but shopping there for me is always purposeful. I go early when nobody is there. Pass on the crowds, the parking hustle… “in and out” is my motto. But on the rare occasion when my daughter is home and suggests going to Target, I suck it up and go for the “bonding” time. But it’s usually only ten minutes before she wants to stay and I want to leave.

The other day we ventured out and I’ve got to say, she was relatively quick. She’d only tried to stick a few extra things in my basket (deodorant, razors, toothpaste, a random pair of Little Mermaid pajamas)… okay you’re a college kid… my treat. But then we chose to separate. I went to the travel section and she to electronics. I grabbed my travel accessories in two seconds and she was NOT in the electronics section when I went to find her. The frantic, ignored “Where are you?” texts started poppin’.

Okay, okay, I know… I was with one of those professional Target shoppers and I let her loose. Who can blame her… they’ve got everything. But come on, she has to scour every little inch of the store until I pop and give her the old, ”I’m getting in line and leaving in five minutes with or without you!”? Really? Every time? But this time, I actually got a little sidetracked when I saw a flash of leopard out of the corner of my eye. It called me.

I knew whatever I was seeing was going to be perfect for my mother, the collector of leopard apparel. Eureka! It was a robe… who doesn’t need a leopard robe? (I imagined her saying that after opening her present). And I was thrilled to see that it was in plus size… in fact, I had ventured into the plus-size section and was LOVING what I was seeing. Jackpot! Not only had I nailed the perfect gift for my mother… the robe also came in sizes XS – 3X! I had flashes of being in it on a cold morning with a cup of whatever doing whatever. Thanks for covering all bases, Target. I needed the robe, too. It was somehow chic and I had to have it.

By the time my daughter found me, I had the robe over my clothes looking completely nuts, admiring myself in a column that wasn’t exactly a mirror. But that’s the beauty of Target – nobody really questions or cares. We are all on our individual adventures. I guess it was my turn to be dragged out of Target… but not before seeing some great plus-size finds (and giving my daughter a lecture about driving herself next time)…

Women's Plus Size Cozy Robe - Gilligan & O'Malley®

WOMEN’S PLUS SIZE COZY ROBE – Gilligan & O’Malley® $27.99

I have a running dialogue with my brother-in-law about women and their animal prints… yeah, we like them… what? This robe is screaming my name. LOVE it! Want it! #leopard 21552899

Plus Size Long Sleeve Knit Top - Lily Star


This lightweight sweater is a cool find that makes for a nice, reasonably-priced gift. 46783683#prodSlot=large_6_26&term=plus+size+women

Women's Plus Size Flannel Pajama Set - Nick & Nora®


Every year, I ask for a new pair of pajamas and I make it super easy. “Please get me Nick & Nora p.j.’s from Target.” But without fail, I amend my list because I really don’t like being cold and I get my own way before Christmas rolls around. Great buy and they last a long time. They come in sizes XS – 3X. Highly recommend. Great gift.

Women's Plus Size Faux Leather Sweater Jacket - U-Knit


It’s still in! Faux fur. This vest gives a special touch with leather accents.

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