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Lesa Lakin

It’s Day 7 and today we bring you rings for her. These picks are pure fun. Personally, I got into the jewelry game when a co-worker rolled into work after recovering from a reaction to her stronger-than-usual, recent facial peel. I know, I know… you’re rolling your eyes. But let’s not judge… she looked really great after she finally healed. She just had no idea her recovery time would take her into actual workdays.

So there she was peeling and with barely any make-up on, but with a big necklace, earrings and a conversation-starting ring. When I commented on her ring, she gave me a smile and simply said, “Thank you. I tried.” It is still a moment that tickles me. We found a couple of conversation starters…

Gus & Al Silver ‘Smile’ Ring


Lately I have been really liking that the magazine business has gotten into bringing us their direct picks, shopping guides and quick links via email and apps. I was roaming through Harper Bazaar’s finds and couldn’t resist the iconic smiley face in a ring.

Bauble Bar Band Ring


Can’t go wrong with a personalized band ring. Comes in sterling silver or 14k gold plated sterling silver (for an additional 10.00)

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