Cleveland teens win Robotics World Championship

A team of Cleveland teens just won the FIRST Robotics World Championship, in a championship competition that included 20,000 students from 42 countries. Youth Technology Academy Team 120: Cleveland’s Team, along with students from Illinois, California and Virginia, took the top prize on April 30.

“Everybody worked, had a part to do in the robot, it’s just teamwork,” said Peng Zhou.“Some nights we stayed until 10 or 11 o’clock,” said Mark Goeser. “Friday night consisted of this, we didn’t go to parties, we’re just here working on the robot, it’s a lot of work!”

The team, which consists of hundreds of students from the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, all of whom are looking forward to STEM and engineering careers.“This is where we aspire, it’s where we learn to innovate and become the future,” said Iris Harris.  “I feel like this is not only a big win for Cleveland but it’s also a big win for us and this helps our future!”

Source: Cleveland teens win Robotics World Championship

7 thoughts on “Cleveland teens win Robotics World Championship

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  3. These students attend one of the lowest performing schools in Cleveland. I know a teacher there who has some of them in class and I hear awesome stories about them and their classmates a lot. What upsets me is how little recognition they apparently got, even in their own school. I can’t help but feel angry they haven’t been celebrated enough. This is an amazing achievement for any student from any background or school. They deserve a lot more attention than they’ve gotten.

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