Ed Gordon Media Announces National Syndication of ‘Conversations With Ed Gordon’

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NEW YORK, NY – Ed Gordon Media announced today the syndication of “Conversations with Ed Gordon,” a quarterly, one-hour special with award-winning journalist and renowned interviewer, Ed Gordon, serving as host and executive producer. The specials will be aired nationally, including on all ten NBC owned and operated affiliates. The first special begins airing April 28, 2013.  Airdates, times and markets can be found on www.edgordon.net/conversations.htm.

Gordon, known for in-depth and exclusive interviews, will do it again with a stellar line-up of guests for the first special. Comedian Kevin Hart, one of today’s hottest entertainers, talks with Gordon on location in Los Angeles about his record-breaking concert tour and hit television show. Hart also confronts recent criticism surrounding a controversial “color” joke.

kevin hart & ed gordonKevin Hart on why he doesn’t address media/social network criticism:

“They want to make something out of nothing.  So if you give ammunition, which is a reply, an excuse or a constant apology, you’re setting yourself up for more comments.”

On wanting to be on the list of the greatest comedians of all-time:

“As long as my name is in there, I don’t care if it’s dead last, as long as I am in there. That means people understood my work ethic and understood that I love to do what I am doing now…making people laugh and that’s it.”

Also featured on the program, Academy Award-winning actress, comedienne and television host, Whoopi Goldberg.  Goldberg talks about her iconic career, her desire to be a United States Ambassador and black America’s love/hate relationship with her controversial image.

ed gordon & whoopiWhoopi Goldberg on critics who accuse her of trying to be “white”:

Goldberg: “It’s not like you wake up and you’re Italian, and then you turn black. You’re always black. I’ve always been black and I always knew it!”

On those who didn’t know what to make of her look:

People didn’t want me to be the representation of the black woman. I somehow didn’t serve some kind of purpose.  But, what I have is longevity, which trumps everything else. I never promised I was going to be hot looking.”

R&B sensation KEM rounds out the first special. Gordon and KEM go back to the Salvation Army in Detroit where the two-time Grammy-nominee and Billboard Award winning artist found sobriety and started his climb out of drug abuse and homelessness to the top of the R & B and jazz charts.

ed gordon & kemDid music save KEM’s life?

“In a sense that would be true. In the darkest periods of my life music was a light for me. It was a focal point. It was something to reach for, something to live for.”

What KEM’s music means to his fans:

“The reception that my music is given by people is what I hoped it would be. I don’t want to create music that just entertains people. I want to be a part of the soundtrack of their lives.”

Gordon is thrilled about the special and the line up of guests. “Kevin is the hottest thing in show business right now. What can you say about Whoopi? She’s a real legend in the business and KEM’s story about overcoming life’s troubles, including sexual abuse, is one of the best I’ve ever heard,” Gordon says. “Most of all, I appreciate that all three were very open and honest with some very personal issues.”

Upcoming specials will include newsmakers and celebrities from the world of entertainment, sports and politics. If people are in the headlines they’ll be right here. Conversations with Ed Gordon is produced by Ed Gordon Media.  For more information about the program and Ed Gordon Media, visit www.edgordon.net.

article by Leslie Gordon via eurweb.com

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