Obamas Are Still Two Of America’s Most Admired People According to Gallup Poll

Michelle and Barack Obama (photo via tvguide.com)

by Lori Lakin Hutcherson (@lakinhutcherson)

According to vibe.com, although Barack Obama is nearly a year out from his two-term Presidency, Gallup reports he’s still the country’s “Most Admired” man.

The numerical proof of Obama’s popularity came Wednesday (Dec. 27) when Gallup released the results of their yearly “Most Admired Man and Woman” poll. In the survey, the publication, known for statistics, asked Americans who is the public figure they admire the most, and for the fifth time since 2013, Obama topped the list.

Obama edged out the current president – gaining 17 percent of the votes to Donald Trump’s 14 – making this year one of the few times in the poll’s history where the sitting president did not acquire the title.

That paired with Obama’s status as the most admired man and the former First Lady, Michelle Obama, being named Gallup’s second most admired woman (behind Hillary Clinton by 2 percent), makes them the nation’s most admired couple.

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6 thoughts on “Obamas Are Still Two Of America’s Most Admired People According to Gallup Poll”

  1. I have to say I miss the Obamas because i miss civility and sanity in the office. People can disagree about policies enacted or actions taken–we always disagree about that–but you can’t say the Obamas weren’t dignified. They treated the position as president seriously, not some check mark on a life-goals list or resume, or a popularity contest.

    I shudder when I think about the 2020 election. How much dignity and grace will be left in the office by then?

  2. The Obamas were a power couple in the WH in the best way. They seemed to work together as a team, but when WH business was the responsibility of the president, you just got the feeling that Michele supported him 100%. I felt that he supported her efforts as First Lady as well. President Obama will always be my president. No disrespect to the sitting president, but he lacks for experience, for lack of a better word. God bless the Obamas!!!!

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