Capitol Police Heroes Crystal Griner and David Bailey Saved the Day, Preventing Congressional Massacre

Officers David Bailey and Crystal Griner (photos via


Capitol Police officers Crystal Griner and David Bailey are the heroes who kept the shooting on Wednesday from being the “massacre” Congress members say it could have been. Both of the officers are on Rep. Steve Scalise’s security detail and put their lives on the line to respond when shots rang out at a congressional baseball practice.

Scalise was standing near second base and was shot by James Hodgkinson before both Griner and Bailey rushed into action, taking down the shooter despite both being injured. Both have since been taken to the hospital and are recovering from their injuries.

“Had they not been there, it would have been a massacre,” Senator Rand Paul said to MSNBC. Majority Leader Eric Cantor praised both agents, who had served on his protection detail before. “[Griner’s] an incredibly able and professional individual who always takes her job and responsibility seriously,” Cantor told The Daily Beast. “It is not surprising to hear of her heroism and bravery during this horrible attack.”

“The bravery David showed reflects the kind of commitment he, Crystal, and the team demonstrated each and every day,” Cantor continued. “Incidents like the attack today are never something many of us even imagine happening. David is a trained professional who was and remains ready to act whatever the threat. Wishing him a full recovery.”

After being shot, Griner and her wife, Tiffany, were given a bouquet of white flowers by President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, as she recovered in the hospital. Both agents’ injuries have been described as non-life-threatening.

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8 thoughts on “Capitol Police Heroes Crystal Griner and David Bailey Saved the Day, Preventing Congressional Massacre”

  1. Wishing both officers a speedy and full recovery. It is so good to see the courage and dedication of these extraordinary people who risked their lives to save the lives of others. Crystal Griner and David Bailey demonstrated the type of unconditional valor that is becoming more difficult to find in today’s politically divisive climate. I hope that their example will help to remind Americans who feel marginalized or even “at war” that we are all human; fragile and imperfect but also (and most importantly) that we are capable of so much goodness, kindness and compassion. We, as s society need to remember how to care for our neighbors even when our neighbors may at first seem very different from on own family. We must work to regain a sense of cohesion and solidarity if we wish to create peace, justice and equality for all members of society. It is heartbreaking to hear of the type hate crimes and politically motivated violence that has become commonplace in recent months. Many Americans live in fear for thier lives simply because of who they are and how they are perceived by greater communities that do not understand that we share much in common; at the very least, we each bleed, have hunger, want a better life for our children, would like to have choices in life or simply want to return home safely after a day of work. It can be overwhelming but we must never give up on our dream of an America that can learn how to love again. Thank you Officer Griner and Officer Bailey for your service, bravery and selfless integrity.

  2. These two officers are an example of courage, strength and extraordinary professionalism. The Capital Police, as well as the citizens, are indeed fortunate to have these two officers to help protect them.

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