Obamas Pledge $2 Million for Summer Jobs, Apprenticeships for Chicago Youth

Michelle and Barack Obama (photo via chicagotribune.com)

by Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz via chicagotribune.com

Barack and Michelle Obama are donating $2 million toward two Chicago programs that provide summer jobs and apprenticeships, setting the stage for the coming Obama Presidential Center‘s mission to help employ and train South Side youth.

One Summer Chicago, which is the city’s summer jobs program, and the Chicagoland Workforce Funder Alliance, a collaboration of foundations and corporate funders focused on employment equity, each will receive $1 million from the Obamas. The former president made the donation announcement Wednesday when unveiling early design plans for the Obama Presidential Center, a complex with a museum, library and public park to be built over the next four years in South Shore’s Jackson Park.

While the center itself aims to boost employment in the community — through jobs, during construction, and once open, through youth-focused employment programming — “we can’t afford to wait four years to start working together,” Barack Obama told the audience at the South Shore Cultural Center.

He cited the city’s violence and the need to “reach young people who might be at risk if they don’t have something to do during the summers.””We want to make sure that some of those young people can get trained so people don’t say, ‘Why didn’t you hire anybody from the neighborhood?’ And the contractor says, ‘We didn’t have anybody who was trained.’ Well … let’s start the pipeline now, so that we can start getting some of those folks trained,” Obama said, according to excerpts of his remarks provided by his office.

To read more, go to: Obamas pledge $2 million for summer jobs, apprenticeships for Chicago youth – Chicago Tribune

4 thoughts on “Obamas Pledge $2 Million for Summer Jobs, Apprenticeships for Chicago Youth”

  1. Iam so proud of my president Obama and Michelle , Thank God for leadership that care for all people .
    “Simply the best better then all the rest “

  2. This just makes me so happy. I’ve seen a number of presidents leave office, and I don’t remember a single one planning a center designed to help people, rather than just a library repository for the presidential papers and memorabilia. Nor do I recall a president immediately giving o
    f his personal wealth to help people. In fact, the only other president I can think of who gave selflessly is President Carter. Of course the Clintons have their foundation and I understand it does a lot of good, but somehow it’s not the same as giving one’s personal wealth before accumulating vastly more.

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