2 thoughts on “Whoopi Goldberg to Produce Movie “Till” about Civil Rights Martyr Emmett Till”

  1. May God Bless us all. The horrible murder of Emmit Till is a carbon copy of America at that time. For one to highlight such an awful act of SAVAGERY only perpetuates the hate and decisiveness of American people. It’s a giving of how Blacks/African Americans are- and have been the victims of violence by the hands of white folk. However, there are so many contructive and inspiring African/Black folk that can be brought to life by way of todays media. As an exampe, Dr. Charels Drews contribution to the WORLD ought to be considered as an informative and uplifting story to tell. To each their own. I’m not suggesting to forget about ALL the horrible acts Savagery inflicted on us by a white lead systemic way of life in America, during todays height of racial tension in America- the timing for an Emmit Till murder story in my opinion would inflame negative emotions in the Black/African American community.

  2. I would love to be apart of this movie. A sad part of history but it showed all America just how brutal racism could be.

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