Watch President Obama’s White House Correspondents’ Speech (VIDEO)

Last night, President Obama hosted his final White House Correspondents’ Dinner with more comedic relied than ever before.  “Good evening, everybody. Welcome to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner…and welcome to the fourth quarter of my presidency,” he said jokingly to start off the evening.

President Barack Obama

Confessing that he feels “more relaxed than ever,” President Obama joked comfortably about everything from CNN’s extensive coverage of the U.S. Ebola scare to recently mending ties with Cuba. “The Castro brothers are here tonight. Welcome to America, amigos!… What? It’s the Castro’s from Texas? Oh. Hi Joaquin. Hi Julian,” he said.

Arguably the best moment of the evening happened when the President invited comedian Keegan-Michael Key to be his “anger translator.”

Watch and enjoy!

article by Whitney Gaspard via

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