International African American Museum to Be Built Where Slaves Set Foot In U.S.


CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — Organizers say a $75 million International African American Museum will be built beside the Charleston harbor where tens of thousands of slaves first set foot in the United States.

Charleston Mayor Joe Riley announced Tuesday that the museum will be built near where a wharf once stood in the South Carolina city where the Civil War began.  During the late 1770s and early 1800s, tens of thousands of slaves crossed the wharf entering the nation. Riley says there is no better site for the museum. The location is on the waterfront, just down and across the street from the original site planned for the museum.

The project was first announced 13 years ago.  Riley says construction on the 42,000-square-foot museum could begin in early 2016 with completion in 2018.

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2 thoughts on “International African American Museum to Be Built Where Slaves Set Foot In U.S.”

  1. Mayor Riley–you are the man. I totally agree with you that Charleston is the most appropriate City in America to have such a museum built. As you know, South Carolina, in the early years, had a majority Black population and was known as “Negro Country” during slavery. We’ve come a long way, but we have so much more to overcome. This museum will help to educate, inform, and inspire all who take the opportunity to visit and be a party to the experience.
    Ray Miller
    The Columbus African American
    (Ret.) Ohio State Senator

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