Letitia James Set to Become First Black Woman Public Advocate of NYC


As major political races heat up across the nation, one woman of color is proving that she can hold her own in a big city election.  Letitia James officially beat out Daniel Squadron for the Democratic nomination in the New York City’s Public Advocate’s runoff race Tuesday night, the Associate Press reports. She gained 60 percent of votes to Squadron’s 40 percent which secured her position and helped diversify the Democratic party nominees for city office.

Because James has no Republican rival, she is expected to be the first African-American woman to hold a citywide elected post upon final ballot counts.

“We did it. We did it. We did it,” the former councilwoman from Brooklyn said publicly during a victory celebration. “All of us broke through that glass ceiling, and I am so proud of what we accomplished together. I’m proud that we made history tonight.”

The position of Public Advocate was the only race to have a runoff in New York City and cost nearly $13 million.

article by Liane Membis via clutchmagonline.com

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  1. We are where we are simply because of our
    stance. AndOf course yes many of us will continue being immobile until we all embrace seeing things another way purely because should we keep on running similar issues much the same way,
    we shall essentially end up being backward

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