Jennifer Hudson Hosts School Supply Giveaway in Honor of Nephew

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 3.58.29 PMAcademy Award-winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson was back in her home town of Chicago Wednesday to lend a hand with the back-to-school effort. The Oscar winner and her sister, Julia King, hosted a school supplies giveaway for low-income children at a South Side Salvation Army community center. “They can bring their list, pick and choose what they may need and go from there,” Hudson said.

The third annual Hatch Day celebration was in honor of King’s son, Julian, who was killed in their Englewood home several years ago along with their mother and brother. The event is always held on Julian’s birthday, who would have been 12 years old this year. “He was so into education, which is part of why we chose to give back in this way,” Hudson said.

There were enough supplies on hand for 5,000 kids, including backpacks, notebooks, pens and pencils. “You lead by example, and I feel like we’re leading by example. We’re hatching the dreams of thousands of children,” Julia King said. Hudson told NBC 5 she has an album and three films coming out, including the lead role in next month’s “Winnie Mandela,” the story of Nelson Mandela’s ex-wife.

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One thought on “Jennifer Hudson Hosts School Supply Giveaway in Honor of Nephew”

  1. Keep good work up, we ‘re trying to get ideas an plans in motion for Detroit an
    metro area; While we do have many community developments going on these sound very refreshing!
    Moms doing their giving back and Me Jennifer Hudson giving back as well.
    Way to go Chicago.
    My daughter, Gin lives there, an id a prayer warrior an God sent!
    All praises to Father God.
    Past Tilda K Martin

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