Octavia Spencer Gives New Filmmakers the Chance to Compete

Now that she’s got the platform, Octavia Spencer is utilizing her celebrity to reach other young stars in the making.

The actress announced on her Facebook fanpage that she’s launching an opportunity for young filmmakers to compete to follow their dreams on her dime.

She first shared a story about following dreams and explaining that many people on this path don’t reach success but 15 years later. But she also encouraged her audience to continue being creative and pushing past limitations to achieve those goals.

“What many people don’t know is that it takes an average of 15 years to become an over night success. In that time you must create and continue to hone your skills. If you are a musician, write poetry and turn it into an amazing song. If you are a filmmaker write a short and shoot it. I’ve done it twice now. I know it’s not easy,” she wrote. “Two of my friends shot beautiful, award winning shorts on the CANON EOS 60D. One of those films was shortlisted to potentially receive an Oscar nomination yesterday. Trust me I know money is tight. So, in honor of Award Season, I’d like to help someone else see their dream realized.”

As far as the contest goes, participants will post a link to their short films to her page by Feb. 10th. Films can originate from anywhere in the world, but must not exceed 20 minutes.

Participants are also permitted to submit multiple entries.

The winner will receive a Canon EOS 60D, a platinum 6000 Digital Tripod and $1000. Spencer says its her way of paying it forward.

Check out more info at Octavia Spencer’s Facebook page.

article by Brittney M. Walker via eurweb.com

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