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Tedx Speaker Dena Crowder Offers 3-Minute Guide On Our Mental Health and Well-Being During the Pandemic (WATCH)

May is Mental Health Awareness Month in the U.S., and in the age of the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are finding our mental well-being challenged in unexpected, extraordinary ways.

Black and Brown Americans are hit hard by both – first by disproportionately suffering the physical and financial effects of the COVID-19 crisis, on top of being, according to Medical News Today, more likely to suffer higher rates of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) than White Americans.

According to studies by the American Psychological Association (APA), minorities experience a significant degree of marginalization and discrimination, which can stifle socioeconomic growth as well as access to healthcare, including formal mental health support.

So, in the spirit of aiding those who don’t have the opportunity, access to, or much time for mental healthcare, Tedx speaker, performance coach and GBN’s “This Way Forward” contributor Dena Crowder has put together a three-minute “Power Shot” with some guiding words and a quick breath exercise that can help you re-center in these overwhelming times:

Enjoy… and breathe!

(Dena Crowder: DenaCrowder.com; IG: dena.crowder)

Dena Crowder (photo courtesy Dena Crowder)

TECH: Entrepreneur Brittany Fitzpatrick Founds Online Program “MentorMe” to Help Bridge Mentoring Gap for Youth

MentorMe Founder and CEO Brittany Fitzpatrick (Photo via seriousstartups.com)
MentorMe Founder and CEO Brittany Fitzpatrick (Photo via seriousstartups.com)

Brittany Fitzpatrick is a purpose-based innovator leveraging technology as a revolutionary tool for social change.

Fresh out of graduate school, the budding civic entrepreneur founded MentorMe, a mentor and mentee online matching platform. The cloud-based software, launched in 2012, cuts time required to manage mentoring programs in half, reducing operational costs by an average of 28 percent.

“Through our technology, we’re able to help organizations start and manage effective mentoring programs without the need for significant increases in administrative time and cost,” Fitzpatrick, founder and CEO of MentorMe, said in an interview with MadameNoire.

“In fact, we’ve seen a reduction in overall administrative time spent on onboarding mentors and mentees, and managing data. Customers are also now starting to see the value in the quantitative and qualitative data they get back after their matches are created.”

Fitzpatrick, a beneficiary of formal mentoring programs as a child, was inspired to establish MentorMe after volunteering as a mentor for eight years. Through this invaluable experience, she saw firsthand the benefits children received from participating in these types of programs.

Speaking at a TEDxJackson talk last year, Fitzpatrick said out of 18 million children who want and need a mentor only three million end up finding one. “This gap between the three million kids with mentors and the 15 million kids who are still waiting is known as the mentoring gap,” Fitzpatrick said during the talk.

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