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Halle Berry Teams Up With Scandale Paris to Create Fashionable, Afforable Lingerie

Halle Berry unveils ’Scandale Paris’ at Laduree Soho in New York City.

Interview by Yolanda Sangweni via Essence.com

Halle Berry has been the face for many luxury labels (remember those Versace ads?), but now the actress is branching off into a fashion venture of her own. The lingerie lover is teaming up with 80-year-old French intimates brand Scandale Paris for a 10-piece capsule collection ranging from $7 for underwear to $18 for bras. Tres cheap, no? The best part is that the line is available at Target, or shall we say –– Tarjay. Let Halle, the new Scandale co-owner, tell you herself.

ESSENCE.com: Why Target? It’s very affordable.  It’s for the everyday woman. Why that brand?

HALLE BERRY: That’s why, because I have over the years liked some amazing pieces of lingerie.  They were a small fortune, and most of them given to me because I refuse to pay $200 for a bra, but companies have sent them to me and I’ve enjoyed them.  I thought this is great that somebody sent to me, but can real women really go and spend $200 on one bra?  It never quite made sense.

But I love lingerie, and like I said in the top, I have friends that wear the same $200 bra until it falls apart, and I thought something’s not right here.  If you can partner with Target, and you manufacture with La Perla because he knows how to do it, if he can make a quality product and we can sell it for $16 at Target, and it’s something that’s on the level of any great product, it’s not going to fall apart, that’s quality, and I thought that’s a win for us and it’s a win for the consumer because they can have a collection of bras now.  You don’t have to wear one until it falls apart, you can wear a different one everyday and you haven’t broken your bank.

That for me was really important to offer that to women.

ESSENCE.com: Is this only going to be sold at Target?

BERRY: It’s only going to be sold in Target, it’s just we’re starting sort of small with our signature collection, and then we’re going to roll it out.  We’re starting in some of their bigger stores to launch, and then we’ll go out into all the smaller stores with more.  As we’ll roll into the spring with a whole spring line that’s a different colorway than these colors are.  Then we’ll have a different collection for summer, then a different collection for fall.  Then we’ll go in with different styles then what’s standing, trying to be seasonal at the same time.

ESSENCE.com: Was this lingerie line developed at home?

BERRY: Yes.  Being married to him, honestly, he has held me to a standard because he’s from there (Paris) and so he’s very picky about, you know, if I don’t have on something quite right he’s like, “What’s this?” Okay. It’s that time of the month so I chose some red.  In three days, I’ll be back.  He holds me to it, and that’s nice.  It’s nice to have a man that notices and cares.

ESSENCE.com: And appreciates it.

BERRY: …and appreciates it, yes, and appreciates it.

ESSENCE.com: Will Molly Woods be wearing Scandale next season?
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ABC Gives Full-Season Orders to ‘Black-ish’ and ‘How to Get Away with Murder’; CBS Renews “Extant”

Blackish, Murder, Extant

According to Variety.com, television projects featuring African-American leads have fared extremely well this season.  ABC has given full-season orders to the Anthony Anderson/Tracee Ellis Ross comedy “Black-ish” and the Viola Davis vehicle “How to Get Away with Murder,” two of the highest-rated new programs on all broadcast channels.  CBS, in turn, has picked up summer sci-fi drama “Extant” for a second season.  “Extant” stars Halle Berry and is produced by Steven Spielberg.

“Murder” is the fall’s highest-rated new series in adults 18-49, and the premiere also set DVR playback records, gaining about 6 million viewers within the first three days of its airing. It is created and executive produced by Pete Nowalk (“Scandal,” “Grey’s Anatomy”). Shonda Rhimes (“Scandal,” “Grey’s Anatomy”), Betsy Beers (“Scandal,” “Grey’s Anatomy”) and Bill D’Elia (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “The West Wing”) also serve as executive producers.

“Black-ish” has come on strong as the fall’s top new comedy in 18-49 (2.9 rating) and total viewers (9.1 million) in same-day viewing estimates. This week, the show saw a 12% week-to-week increase in adults 18-49, retaining about 80% of its “Modern Family” lead-in. It was created by Kenya Barris and is executive produced by Anderson, Barris, Jonathan Groff, Larry WilmoreLaurence Fishburne, Helen Sugland and E. Brian Dobbins.

article by Lori Lakin Hutcherson (follow @lakinhutcherson)

Happy 16th Birthday, First Daughter Malia Obama


Malia Obama turns 16 today, which also is when the U.S. celebrates Independence Day. This first daughter, pictured here during a March trip to China with her mother, grandmother and sister, Sasha, has already begun taking steps toward her independence. She interned on the set of Extant and soon will begin taking driving lessons. Look out world! Here she comes!

article by Joyce Jones via bet.com

History, Halle Berry Developing “Hannibal” Miniseries

Halle Berry Hannibal Mini Series History
Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

History and Halle Berry have teamed to develop Hannibal, a miniseries centering on famed general Hannibal Barca in the Second Punic War.  Beginning in 264 BC, Hannibal takes viewers through the Second Punic War between Carthage and Rome, exploring the relationship between Hannibal and his archrival Scipio Africanus. Despite their fiercely opposed allegiances, the two are brought together and grow to respect each other as brothers.

Berry will executive produce the miniseries, with Jeffrey Caine serving as the series’ writer. The project will be a co-production between A+E Studios and Red Arrow Entertainment.  “Hannibal was not only the greatest African general to ever live,” said Berry, “he may have been the greatest general, period. His story is an intricate and captivating ride and I’m thrilled to get this project off the ground with our partners at History.”

This miniseries builds on Berry’s small screen plans, as the actress was recently cast in the CBS project Extant. Steven Spielberg is executive producing that hour-long Eye drama.

article by AJ Marechal via Variety.com

Halle Berry To Star in CBS Drama Series ‘Extant’

Halle Berry CBS Show

Halle Berry will take her first major TV series role in “Extant,” the serialized drama from Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television and CBS Television Studios that CBS greenlit in August.  In addition, Berry and producing partner Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, have entered into a two-year, first look production deal with CBS Television Studios.

In “Extant,” Berry will play an astronaut returning from a year-long solo space mission who tries to reconnect with her husband and son in their everyday life. Her experiences in space and home lead to events that ultimately change the course of human history.

“I’m always on the lookout for amazing roles, and when you see material that contains this strong of auspices, nuance and complexity, it compels me to run toward it no matter the medium,” Berry said. “For five months a year, I’ll get to live with and play this incredibly intelligent and vulnerable woman, and for the remainder of the year I’ll continue to look for other roles that move me as deeply as this one.”

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