#IWalkWithNatasha: 300 Students Escort Young Woman  to Class After She Reports Racial Harassment on Baylor Univ. Campus 

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Natasha Nkhama, a Baylor University student, was attacked by a student and called the N-word while walking around campus earlier this week.

She described the incident in a video posted to Twitter by her friend, Jaileene Maite.

“On my way to class, this guy went out of his way to bump into me and … shove me off the sidewalk,” she said. “He said ‘no n*ggers allowed on the sidewalk’.”

“And I was just shocked,” she added. “Like, I had no words.”

Nkhama also said that when confronted by a nearby student, her attacker replied “Like what … I’m just trying to make America great again.”

“So if you voted for Donald Trump, I hope you realize what that means from someone else’s point of view,” Nkhama said.

As word of the incident spread throughout campus, students arranged a plan to escort Nkhama to her Friday morning class using the hashtag #IWalkWithNatasha.

Hundreds of people showed up — including some whose professors let them leave class early to help out.

To read more, go to: #IWalkWithNatasha: 300 Students Escort a Girl to Class After She Reports Racial Harassment on Campus [Video] – B. Scott | lovebscott.com

14 thoughts on “#IWalkWithNatasha: 300 Students Escort Young Woman  to Class After She Reports Racial Harassment on Baylor Univ. Campus ”

  1. Leaving this here:

    Trump to supporters harassing minorities: ‘Stop it’

    Washington (CNN)Donald Trump on Sunday told his supporters to stop harassing minorities, in his first televised sit-down interview since becoming President-elect.

    “I am so saddened to hear that,” Trump told CBS’ Lesley Stahl on “60 Minutes” when she said Latinos and Muslims are facing harassment. “And I say, ‘Stop it.’ If it — if it helps, I will say this, and I will say right to the cameras: ‘Stop it.'”


    1. LOL – okay.
      He said, “Stop it.”

      That works about as well as telling someone to “calm down.”

      The man who said that he would pay for the legal fees of one of his supporters after they assaulted someone at one of his pre-election rallies is now saying, “stop it.”

      Problem solved with those two little words!

      1. sepultura13,

        I’m sure you’re a mature, intelligent person. Please do more research before you rake someone over the coals.

        In Feb 2016, Trump asked a crowd that *if a protestor started physically throwing objects and attacking the crowd*, to stop them. He offered to pay for their legal fees if they did this… because it would be legally permissible self defense.

        In March 2016, someone physically beat a protestor… who wasn’t physically doing anything or engaging in prohibited hate speech. Trump (rightly) refused to defend the person who did the beating.

        In November 2016, some people are carrying out hate crimes. Trump is coming out very clearly against this, saying what they are doing is wrong (and earlier, denouncing the KKK as “repulsive people” he didn’t associate or agree with).

        I’m all for bashing someone for doing something stupid… *but only if they actually did what they were accused of!* Don’t believe me, please pull up the quotes yourself.

        really? WTF dude? Are you suggesting the incident didn’t actually happen?

      2. If you took my comment as “raking someone over the coals,” then it appears that you suffered a knee-jerk reaction to some imaginary criticism that you inferred from my comment – similar to what Trump does before he takes to Twitter at 3 a.m.

        You seem to have conveniently forgotten the incident which I was referring to, so I took the liberty of putting the link here:


        I don’t need to pull up quotes – the article speaks for itself.

      3. sepultura13,

        You = research fail. Maybe read the articles instead of the presumed cliff notes?

        You linked to the March 2016 incident, which I already referenced Trump disavowing. The Feb 2016 incident, where the protestors would have been the ones to start physical battery, is different.

        As for mischaracterizing your post:
        “The man who said that he would pay for the legal fees of one of his supporters after they assaulted someone at one of his pre-election rallies is now saying, “stop it.”

        Problem solved with those two little words!

        Mockery or anger… either one is misplaced. Plenty of true things to not like about Trump, but let’s not add imagined offenses as well.

        That’s 2 exchanges, facts are in evidence. You’ll either examine them and maybe change your mind or not. I’m done on this article.

      4. I am not adding imagined offenses. You wanting to ignore the facts of the racism prevalent in his campaign doesn’t make them imagined or false. The facts speak for themselves. Your paragraphs of biased opinion don’t make you more intelligent, nor do they make you correct.

        If you feel that you’ve won some victory, then good on you – my only mistake was responding to you at all.

    2. Does anybody know if this is true? It seems that there are countless of “Trump” supporters who like to declare that they support him while carrying out crimes. Something smells fishy. So, who was the student that pushed this girl? Has charges been laid?

  2. Great example of a campus community supporting one of their one in Natasha. I hope this is the only racist incident she and Baylor have to deal with going forward.

    I’ll just add: some of those people that walked with Natasha… well, they probably voted for Trump too. Please don’t think these jerks are representative of Trumpers, or acceptable to anyone.

    -Not a Trump voter.

    1. So the fact that he said he was “making American great again” . . .you don’t think that had anything to do with the Trump campaign . . . I wish you were being realistic, but the incidences of blatant hate attacks have risen exponentially daily since the election. let me know if you need me to cite examples, but just google ‘racist attacks’ within the last four days.

      1. Actually, I checked. The “exponential rise” is the same couple dozen incidents from Nov 9th/10th bring reported over and over again. Everything else Google shows since is a verified false report or F.U.D. post.

        Waiting until the end of the week to be sure, but I’m cautiously optimistic those incidents were mostly “typical” racial attacks that the attackers or victims used Trump slogans for out of convenience or misreading his campaign statements.

        Trump got elected largely by blue collar workers who previously voted in Obama, let’s not condemn them all as racists without substantial evidence.

        Besides, a fair number of people who voted for Trump did so thinking even a horribly racist President was preferable to one who’d make a Constitutional crisis a probability.

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