‘Ghostbusters’ Star Leslie Jones Fights Racist Twitter Hate Speech, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Responds

Leslie Jones arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of “Ghostbusters.” (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, File)

article by Associated Press via yahoo.com

NEW YORK (AP) — Under a barrage of hateful posts on Twitter, “Ghostbusters” star Leslie Jones said she was “in a personal hell” and urged the social networking service to do more to eradicate abuse.  In a series of posts Monday night, Jones said she had been pummeled with racist tweets. She retweeted numerous tweets directed at her with disturbing language and pictures of apes.

Jones said the messages were deeply hurtful and brought her to tears. The “Saturday Night Live” cast member called on Twitter to strengthen guidelines and for users to “stop letting the ignorant people be the loud ones.”

“I feel like I’m in a personal hell,” wrote Jones. “I didn’t do anything to deserve this. It’s just too much. It shouldn’t be like this. So hurt right now.”

The exchanges came at a career high point for the “Saturday Night Live” cast member. “Ghostbusters,” which opened last week, is her first major film role. “It’s like when you think, ‘OK I’ve proven I’m worthy’ and then you get hit with a shovel of (hatred),” she said.

She concluded a string of messages early Tuesday morning. “I leave Twitter tonight with tears and a very sad heart,” wrote Jones. “All this cause I did a movie.”

The tweets caught the attention of Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey, who sent Jones a message asking her to get in touch with him. Twitter later responded in a statement.

“This type of abusive behavior is not permitted on Twitter, and we’ve taken action on many of the accounts reported to us by both Leslie and others,” said a spokesperson for Twitter. “We rely on people to report this type of behavior to us but we are continuing to invest heavily in improving our tools and enforcement systems to prevent this kind of abuse. We realize we still have a lot of work in front of us before Twitter is where it should be on how we handle these issues.”

Many, however, have come to Jones’ defense, tweeting support for the actress under the hashtag “#LoveForLeslieJ.”

To read more, go to: https://www.yahoo.com/news/leslie-jones-under-hateful-barrage-twitter-fights-back-145423122.html?ref=gs

5 thoughts on “‘Ghostbusters’ Star Leslie Jones Fights Racist Twitter Hate Speech, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Responds”

  1. She’s beautiful and hilarious! I giggle every time I see her in that Allstate commercial, fully expecting the bearded hipster in the car next to her to say, “She’s out of my league.”

  2. Hey there Ms. Leslie Jones I fell in love with you and your remarkable humor and talent the first time I saw you.
    It’s tough living in a country that heavily judges and penalizes women on the basis of skin hue and facial characteristics. You may have left Twitter, but please don’t leave Hollywood. All women
    who share resemblance to you need you to be our role model and inspiration. Stay strong, don’t let us down
    Love you forever!

  3. Ask Michelle Obama about that stuff, she’s been receiving it for almost eight years along with the death threats. Being Black in a place that doesn’t value it can be a bitch.

  4. Send #BigLove to Leslie Jones. She should’nt have to face this at a high moment in her career. I hope that she comes back stronger and the people show her #LoveForLeslie !

  5. It’s a movie, people. She’s an actress who took a big break, not the Writer, Director, or Producer. To paraphrase The Joker, “This nation needs an enema.” I won’t be seeing this movie (it looks silly) but I give her great credit for success. All the best to you, Leslie.

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