R.I.P. Musical Master, Genius and Unforgettable Legend Prince

Prince (photo via nytimes.com)
Prince (photo via nytimes.com)

article by Lori Lakin Hutcherson

Even though the news is minutes old, I’m sure you’ve all heard by now. I still can’t process it fully, and am having serious trouble accepting it, but after following TMZ, then Huffington Post, then Rolling Stone and the New York Times reports, I have to.   We all have to admit that it’s true – one of the best musicians ever to walk the Earth – Prince (born Prince Rogers Nelson) has passed away at age 57.  Whether it was from complications due to his recent bout with the flu or some other reason – what really matters is that he is gone and the world has lost a genius and musical visionary.

While the grief over his passing will be palpable and far from short-lived, we wanted to take this moment to celebrate the legacy and artistry of the man who won an Academy Award, multiple Grammys, is a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, and gave us “Purple Rain”, “Sign of the Times”, “Controversy”, “Dirty Mind”, “1999” and “LoveSexy” to name a few, and wish his singular spirit all the best on the next phase of his journey.

I have no idea how long the video below will remain up on YouTube, but while it is:


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  1. I thought I left a statement earlier when I made one on a different article. Nevertheless – Prince Rogers Nelson was the next iteration of Ray Charles when it came to owning his music, the masters and himself. He was his own marketing company, and we loved it! You can’t find any original Prince music on YouTube, and yesterday as the news spread further and further on his passing, songs were disappearing from Y.T. by the minute. Now, most are 1:05 minutes long, unless they were a live collaboration. The tight grip that Prince had on his property was the same grip that he had on our hearts all of these years, because when he came out w/a new album,it was NEW in the greatest sense of the word. Never sounded like the last one, and never sounded like anyone else. A true original; God rest his soul.

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