10 Web Series That Showcase the Brilliance and Ingenuity Of Black Women

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article by Veronica Hilbring via hellobeautiful.com

Since its inception, YouTube has been a place for content creators to launch new projects. Black women have taken advantage of that platform by launching ambitious music, short films and sitcom projects. From tackling the corporate America to a new age Sex & The City, Black women are creating the best content on the web. Check out our favorite women of YouTube and their amazing shows.

Reagan Gomez-Preston – “Surviving” 

Reagan Gomez-Preston isn’t an actress waiting on her next role, she’s been creating her own lane by crowd funding her own web series.

Written and directed by Gomez, “Surviving” follows Shayla, a doctor as her hospital is overrun with a mysterious virus. Shayla doesn’t believe the virus is more than the flu but she it isn’t until after she comes face to face with the virus’ effects that she realizes that the world may be on the brink of a catastrophe. If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead,” you’re going to love “Surviving.”

Kim Williams – “Unwritten Rules”

If you’ve ever been the only Black woman at your job, then you’ll definitely relate to Racey.

Based on the book, “Unwritten Rules: The Diary of a Nigger, Negro, Colored, Black, African American Woman” by creator Kim Williams, this show gives you a hilarious look at life in corporate America. From dealing with her racist boss to meddling coworkers, “Unwritten Rules” is the perfect anecdote after a long day at work.

“Everything I Did Wrong In My 20s”

Kim Williams’ other show is the “Being Mary Jane“ of YouTube.

Ever wish you could give advice to your younger self? We all do. “Everything I did Wrong in my 20s” is that show. The show follows 37 year-old Stephanie on the eve of losing her best friend (her dog Happy) and the one year anniversary of losing her job. While she’s barely keeping it together, she’s totally the big sister we never had.

Sanicole – “The City Hates Us”

Chicago filmmaker Sandrel “Sanicole” Young has created a hit with “The City Hates Us.”

Set in and around the southside of Chicago, the web series follows six young Black men and women as they try attempt to chase their dreams of becoming writers, fashion stylists, rappers and more. The show tackles everything millennials face today: addiction, troubled relationships and more.For a look at the more positive side of Chicago, this is your show.

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  1. Kim Williams starred in an episode of Criminal Minds, where she played a doctor or med student that was kidnapped by a serial killer, & then became a stockholm syndrome victim.

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