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Lesa Lakin
Lesa Lakin

It’s Day 4 of our Holiday Gift picks, and today we bring you streetwear for him with a few finds from Supreme New York.

With their limited editions and cool sensibility and amazing collaborations (musicians, artists, cool kids. etc), this brand takes risks while never really losing their O.G. sense of style and skate shop appeal. I’ve been a fan for years…



Many years ago on a trip East, my friend asked me to meet him at the NY Supreme store. I’d never been… and had no idea what it was. Since he was an “always late” type and it was cold outside, I ducked in without him. I took probably three steps inside and stopped in my tracks. I froze. There was a lot going on in the store. It wasn’t sensory overload or lack of interest or apathy that stopped me suddenly… it was something else. The sales person smiled and seemed to understand what was happening since my smile was ear-to-ear as I bopped to the music the more my head spun around to take it all in. That feeling I had I get rarely… my expectations were surpassed and the repressed art kid in me came out. I sighed. I knew I might need another suitcase because I was about to blow up my credit card.

I’d found everything I wanted to find in a store. Items I HAD to have or figure out how to get. They had everything I loved about the ease and coolness of streetwear. Yes, Supreme is NY skate culture heavy, and riddled with youthful creativity and amazing limited editions… but it also understands trends vs. THIS IS JUST WHO I AM. And it’s remarkably timeless. Bottom line… it’s wearable art. And if you’re lucky you can snag some. Items sell out fast (so fast that I’m sure as I’m writing items are getting snagged up) so check on-line and in stores.

Here are a few things we’re loving:



Check out all the items:

About Supreme:

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