Chicago Protesters Shut Down Michigan Ave. on Black Friday to Protest Shooting Death of #LaquanMcDonald

Chicago Protest on Black Friday in honor of Laquan McDonald (Photo: Kelly Hayes via Twitter)

Thousands of protesters braved rain and chilly temperatures to flood Chicago’s high-end shopping district Friday to demand justice in the wake of the shooting death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald

Tuesday, the city released the heartbreaking video of McDonald’s shooting and announced former Chicago PD officer Jason Van Dyke would be charged with first-degree murder. The timing of the announcement angered many who wondered why it took more than a year to charge Van Dyke given video evidence that he shoot the teen 16 times, 14 of which came while McDonald lay on the ground.

Today, thousands of protesters took to Michigan Avenue, one of Chicago’s premier shopping districts, to demand the mayor, police commissioner, and state’s attorney resign.

In addition to calling for the resignation of some of Chicago’s top officials, protesters are also requesting the Justice Department step to conduct an independent investigation.

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4 thoughts on “Chicago Protesters Shut Down Michigan Ave. on Black Friday to Protest Shooting Death of #LaquanMcDonald”

  1. I’m very happy that many Blacks are getting wise to our existence here in America. We support our oppressors! Then we wonder why we can’t progress. We don’t support (enough) our own businesses. Then we wonder why we don’t progress. We haven’t been vigilant about the mass incarceration and killing of our own people, condoned by our government (local and national). Then we wonder why we don’t progress. We allow our Democracy to violate our constitutional rights (voting rights/ stop and frisk), yet wonder why we remain where we are socially, economically, and culturally. When we don’t pay attention to these factors and others, we contribute to our own poor social status. We must WAKE UP. I see it and hear it, everywhere. We are waking up.

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