Gospel Star Kirk Franklin Apologizes for Homophobia in the Black Church: The Bible Isn’t Written to Attack Gays

Kirk Franklin (photo via bet.com)

The Black church has, for years, been known for not being the biggest supporter of the LGBT community, but today, Kirk Franklin, a respected force in the religious community, has come forward to apologize on their behalf.

“I want to apologize for all of the hurtful and painful things that have been said about people in the church that have been talented and gifted and musical, that we’ve used and we’ve embarrassed… and all this other horrible crap that we’ve done,” he told The Grio. “We have not treated them like people. We’re talking about human beings, men and women that God has created.”

The “I Smile” crooner explained the Bible was not written as an anti-gay work, but rather, the opposite: “The Bible is not a book that’s an attack on gay people,” he said. “It’s not a book written to attack gay people. It is horrible that we have made it where the Bible is a homophobic manual.”

Bringing it all together, Franklin said that he just wants all LGBT-identifying people to know that God is in their corner. “I mean, you want to talk about things that God gets at… pride and jealousy and envy and arrogance,” he said. “But what we also see is God sending his son to save us all, because we were all… straight, gay or whatever, lost and in need of a savior, and there’s room at the cross for all of us.”

article by John Justice via bet.com

3 thoughts on “Gospel Star Kirk Franklin Apologizes for Homophobia in the Black Church: The Bible Isn’t Written to Attack Gays”

  1. Kirk can’t speak for everyone. He knows as one growing up in the Black church that we were always surrounded by LGBT people. The thing is, in some churches they tried to deliver them, rather than go against the parts of the Bible that condemns their actions. And we know that included the pulpits as well. It’s just like the children [i.e., young men without anything to do, with no hope] who are killing each other over territory they don’t even own, and can’t make a legitimate profit from. It’s not the person that’s been overcome by those demonic spirits, it their actions. Those of us who aren’t full of it are supposed to be helping them get delivered. How can we replenish the world if you got 2 folks of the same sex? It’s not happening.

    1. 1. The world is currently overpopulated.
      2. Gay people don’t replace straight people. There will always be plenty of both.
      3. The concern should be about all the children that the straight people have abandoned, abused, etc not the inability for two people to create new humans.
      4. If you think attacking/murdering human beings is ok simply because your deity says so (as opposed to doing some critical/logical thinking), you may need to reconsider the deities you worship.

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