Hula-Hooping Wonder Marawa Ibrahim Celebrates Guinness World Records Inclusion

The 33-year-old Australian managed to twirl 160 hoops around her three times.

 A hula-hooping queen took over Manhattan on Wednesday as part of a tour celebrating her inclusion in the new Guinness World Records book.  Jaws dropped and cell phones were thrust into the air as Marawa Ibrahim showed off her supernatural hula-hooping skills in Bryant Park.

The 33-year-old Australian broke the record for the most hula hoops spun simultaneously — somehow managing to twirl 160 hoops a full three times around her 5-foot-4-inch frame.

Ibrahim grew up reading Guinness books and long dreamed about someday making it inside the famed tome.  “It was one of the absolute greatest days of my life because I wanted it for so long,” Ibrahim said of the day she learned she had shattered the old record of 132 hoops.

But Ibrahim is not planning to retire her hoops anytime soon. She has her sights — and hips — set on taking the hula-hooping-while-running crown.

“It’s kind of addictive,” she said.

The Guinness World Records 2016 edition will be available starting Thursday.  To Ibrahim’s in motion, you can catch her in the video below around the 1:40 mark:

article by Rich Schapiro via

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