Baltimore Medical Examiner Rules Freddie Gray’s Death a Homicide

The medical examiner found that Freddie Gray’s “rough ride” was to blame for his death. (Photo via

According to a copy of the autopsy report obtained by The Baltimore SunFreddie Gray’s death was a homicide. The report—which was completed on April 30 but hadn’t yet been released to the public—found that Gray suffered a single “high-energy injury” to his neck and spine and concluded that it was likely caused by sudden deceleration in the police van where he was improperly restrained and shackled. The ME compared the injury to one obtained from diving in shallow water and wrote that the officers involved did not follow proper safety procedures “though acts of omission.”

In the report, assistant medical examiner Carol H. Allan wrote that it was “not an unforeseen event that a vulnerable individual was injured during operation of the vehicle, and that without prompt medical attention, the injury would prove fatal.” In addition to examining Gray’s body, the examiner used videos, witness statements and an inspection of the van to complete the report. She also found that there were no previous injuries to Gray’s spine, noting that he was not incapacitated by a neck hold or other type of physical restraint.

Twenty-five-year-old Gray was arrested in Baltimore on April 12 and died a week later due to a spinal injury inflicted while he was in custody. The six officers involved in his arrest and transport have all been charged with crimes ranging from second-degree depraved-heart murder to second-degree assault. Last week, each officer pleaded not guilty. Their trial date has been set for October 13, and a motions hearing is scheduled for September 2.

article by Kenrya Rankin Naasel via