Paramount Pictures Donates DVDs of “Selma” to Every High School in U.S.

Source: Paramount Pictures | 20th Century Fox

In honor of the DVD release of Selma, Paramount Pictures will be sending a copy of the film to every high school in the USA, both public and private. The DVDs will be provided free of charge and teachers will receive study guides along with it.

Director Ava DuVernay stated, “Our ‘Selma’ filmmaking journey has had many highlights, but to me, the response from students and educators has been the most magnificent part of the experience. To think that this triumphant story of dignity and justice will be available to every high school in this country is a realization of many dreams and many hopes. I applaud Paramount on this extraordinary effort, and salute the teachers who will provide classes and context on the work of Dr. King and his comrades to the young minds of our nation.”

Megan Colligan, the president of Paramount Pictures’ Worldwide Distribution and Marketing stated, “The response from students and teachers to our ‘Selma for Students’ initiative was overwhelmingly positive and we are delighted to be extending the campaign. During the film’s theatrical run more than 300,000 young people were able to see the film for free. By providing DVDs to all of the high schools in the country, we hope to reach all 18 million high school students with the film’s powerful and inspiring story. With many of these students preparing to vote for the first time in next year’s elections, it is especially fitting that they witness the bravery and fortitude of those who fought to establish the Voting Rights Act of 1965.”

We love how much support Selma has been receiving countrywide. We hope more educational and inspirational films will receive the same support. 

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