THEATER: “Alive: 55 and Kickin'”, a Show in Harlem with Cast of Singers 55 and Up, Commands Prime Coverage from CBS’ “60 Minutes”

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After airing last Sunday, GBN contributor Becky Schonbrun forwarded me links from “60 Minutes” that were labeled as inspiring “must-watch” material.  So I finally did, and they most definitely are.

“Alive: 55 and Kickin'” creator and producer Vy Higginsen

Alive: 55+ and Kickin’” is a live show that was created by theater producer and former disc jockey Vy Higginsen, who has made it her mission to preserve a special part of American culture: African-American music, both gospel and popular music like soul and R&B. She found a pool of untapped talent, men and women in what she calls their “second half of life” just waiting for their chance to shine.

The music and the stories are uplifting, remarkable and definitely worth your time.  To check them out for yourself, click below:

The show reopens this Spring and you can go to to see performance dates and purchase tickets.


Lori Lakin Hutcherson, GBN Founder and Editor-in-Chief (follow @lakinhutcherson)

7 thoughts on “THEATER: “Alive: 55 and Kickin'”, a Show in Harlem with Cast of Singers 55 and Up, Commands Prime Coverage from CBS’ “60 Minutes””

  1. Awesome Ms. Vy. I saw your interview on 60 minutes and wanted to get tickets, but the website will not let me

  2. My 85 year old mama and I truly enjoyed watching this entertainment. This was a great performance of deep hidden talent . Jesus gives second chances. Thank you Mr & Mrs. Higginsen for second chances,even when there was doubt.And for this excellent master piece that was organized. Not only did you provide my people with a stage, you gave them a platform to love self,to for give self, free self,to find love. I am 56, man I wish I could sing…Georgia I LOVE YOU. AND I WILL GLADLY SHARE MY MAMA WITH YOU!!!

  3. Have any plans of being in Raleigh NC ? Just saw 60 minutes and would love to see and hear the performances !

  4. Love the show shown on 60 Minutes. Would love to speak with Ms Vy. I love to sing and would like to be a part of the show at some time. I think what Ms Vy and her husband is doing.

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