R.I.P. Henry Jackson AKA “Big Bank Hank” from The Sugarhill Gang

The performer, whose real name was Henry Jackson, died from kidney complications due to cancer, according to reports.

Jackson formed the Sugarhill Gang with Master Gee and Wonder Mike, having a big hit in 1979 with “Rapper’s Delight.”  The record sold several million copies worldwide and helped establish rap as a vital genre of music.

The full version of “Rapper’s Delight” ran nearly 16 minutes long and was recorded in a single take.  A shorter single version was also released and became a radio staple in the early 1980s.

Jackson’s death was reported by website TMZ and confirmed to Fox News by David Mallie, who manages the two remaining band members.  “So sad to hear of our brother’s passing,” said Wonder Mike and Master Gee in a statement. “Rest in peace Big Bank.”

article via bbc.com

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