Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Joins U.S. Ambassador Malac to Dedicate New 25-Bed Field Hospital for Healthcare Workers

President Sirleaf, U.S. Ambassador Malac and a U.S army commander chat following a tour of the 25-bed field hospital for health workers. (Photo:  Adama B. Thompson / Executive Mansion)

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf joined U.S. Ambassador Deborah Malac to dedicate a newly constructed 25-bed field hospital to be used solely for the treatment of healthcare workers who may become infected by the Ebola virus disease.

The construction of the field hospital was financed by the U.S. government and implemented jointly by the U.S. military and the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL).

The dedication of the facility took place in Charlesville, Liberia, near the Roberts International Airport in Margibi County today.

Speaking during the ceremony, President Sirleaf described the United States as a partner which recognizes and responds to the needs of the Liberian people and that the fruit of the partnership reaches out to the people it is meant to benefit.

The Liberian leader praised healthcare workers for their sacrificial services to the country and its people by confronting a disease they knew very little about and expressed happiness that those of them who may be infected can now receive quality care and treatment with a high hope of survival.

“This facility represents a major contribution to the country’s fight against the further spread of the deadly Ebola virus disease that has hit our country so hard,” President Sirleaf stressed; adding, “This represents a true spirit of partnership and leaves hope for a structure that will enable Liberians do for themselves when the partners shall left after Ebola.”

She praised President Barack Obama, Ambassador Malac, the U.S. Congress, U.S. military and the American people for coming to the aid of Liberia at a time when international response to the Ebola crisis was at its lowest peak. She expressed the hope that the country is well on its way to beating back the further spread of the disease.

President Sirleaf also recognized the Liberian people as the main force preventing the further spread of the deadly virus due to their adherence to measures announced by the Government and for supporting all the measures meant to tackle the further spread of the disease.

Speaking earlier, U.S. Ambassador Deborah Malac said the current role of the U.S. Government in Liberia’s fight against Ebola, including the construction of the treatment facility is a symbol of strong U.S. – Liberia relations and partnership. “The U.S. is proud to be supporting Liberia and it is expected that our support will go further than the emergency period and interventions. I am glad that healthcare workers who may fall sick to Ebola can now get quality treatment right here in Liberia,” the U.S. Ambassador emphasized.

She indicated that Liberia has made progress and will continue to make progress in the fight against Ebola until the virus is finally eradicated from Liberia. She thanked Americans working in Liberia for their service.

The U.S. Ambassador also thanked the AFL and Liberians in general for their cooperation with the U.S. and other partners working in Liberia.

The U.S. intervention in Liberia will cover the construction of 17 Ebola treatment units across the country excluding the newly dedicated 25-bed field hospital primarily for healthcare workers as well as the 4,000 U.S troops expected to be deployed in the country.

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