TRAVEL: Tim Howard and Angela Simmons Bring Sportiness and Style to Marriott’s Inclusive #LoveTravels Campaign (VIDEO)

Tim Howard, Angela Simmons

Tim Howard, the American soccer goalie who won our hearts with his unforgettable, valiant efforts during the World Cup and the artistic style maven, cultural icon and entrepreneur, Angela Simmons, are featured in the latest installment of Marriott International’s beautiful, all-inclusive extension of its #LoveTravels campaign.

Marriott has done something special and smart here with this branding campaign. They are encouraging travelers to not only share their own travel experiences (via social networking) but promoting the feeling of true comfort and connectivity that enriches our lives — and all lives. The original content video series featuring notable individuals like Tim and Angela, launches alongside visually stunning images presented in an online portrait gallery and display ads. Through these digital experiences the passion of travel and following one’s personal journey are highlighted.

Tim Howard

“I was inspired by Marriott International’s idea of #LoveTravels, and thought it was an incredible opportunity to share my love of soccer as well as my other personal passions,” said Howard. “#LoveTravels is about elevating travel beyond basic necessities and making it more about the people walking through the door. It is about feeling comfortable with who you are and tapping into that sense of belonging for the ultimate travel experience.”

In the clip below, see the extremely likeable Howard wax about how love travels with him. He lights up when he speaks about traveling to see his children, for a job that he loves and even when the destination is purely for relaxation.  Love certainly travels with this diverse athlete, and it’s refreshing to hear his personal story and about his inspirations:

Angela Simmons

A social media star and tastemaker, Angela Simmons speaks about her latest design venture and love of sharing her life with the masses. It’s fun to watch Angela explain how travel inspires her in a way that fosters her creativity:

Also featured in other online #LoveTravels portraits are chef Mia Banducci, Dutch model Anouschka Dap and Founder & CEO of MIMA Media Christoph Geiseler—inspiring individuals whose journeys are sparked from within and who understand that travel is integral to feeding passions and enriching character.

Inspiring stories can be found at and on YouTube. Facebook/Instagram (@LoveTravelsWithMe) and Twitter (@LoveTravelsWMe).

Lesa Lakin
article by Lesa Lakin GBN Lifestyle Editor








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