“Game Of Thrones” Actor Jason Momoa to Play Aquaman in “Batman V. Superman” And “Justice League”

Last year’s “Man Of Steel” kicked off Warner Bros. current iteration of the DC-verse, but it’s 2016’s “Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice” that will really kick off the studio’s answer to Marvel’s wildly successful pictures. The movie looks to be the first in a run of as many as three movies a year, and aside from Henry Cavill‘s Superman, will also introduce Ben Affleck‘s Batman, Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman, and Cyborg, played by Ray Fisher.

“Game Of Thrones” actor Jason Momoa is now expected to appear in the movie as DC hero Aquaman.

The character perhaps is most famous as having been played by Vincent Chase in a long-running plotline on HBO’s “Entourage,” in a movie directed by James Cameron. There’s no word as to what kind of backstory the character will have here, but reportedly director Zack Snyder has already finalized the design of the character so he can appear in a cameo in ‘Batman V. Superman.’ And given Momoa’s size, it seems clear they’re adopting the more modern version of Aquaman (see the photo), who’s a buff king from Atlantis skeptical of humans moreso than traditional orange-suit wearing super hero.

article by Oliver Lyttleton via blogs.indiewire.com

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