5 Year-Old Jaylee Monteith Calls 911, Helps Save 90 Year-Old Caregiver


90-year old Mildred Morris has been a life long caregiver of children and now she’s thanking one 5-year-old for caring for her. Morris, of Asheville, N.C., fell down a flight of stairs while transporting laundry in her home, but 5-year-old Jaylee Monteith, whom Morris has watched since Jaylee was 1, called 911 as soon as she saw Morris fall.

“Jaylee called 911 and said I needed help because I had fallen down the steps,” Morris told ABC News. “Then she went next door and said, ‘Wake up, wake up’ and my neighbor came over and helped.”

Thankfully Morris only ended up needing stitches.  “I think if I had stayed much longer, the blood was coming so quickly from my head, if they had not heard Jaylee, I probably would have been weakened or unconscious,” Morris said. “She’s a miraculous little girl.”

Morris says she watches Jaylee almost daily while her mother, Jazmyn Williams, studies to be a nurse.  “She’s never been to kindergarten so everything she learned is from me and her mother and father,” Morris said. “I knew she was capable but I didn’t know she’d be able to think that quickly.”

Morris has some notoriety under her belt. In the 1980s she was honored by Nancy Reagan for her commitment to children.  “It’s great to know that they remember something I have done for them,” Morris said of the kids she’s touched in her lifetime, which include both Jaylee and her mom. “It’s from my heart for all of them.

“You have to be sincere with kids and let them know that you love them.”

To see video of this story, click here.

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    It is wonderful to hear stories like this. This brave, little girl helped her caregiver instead of panicking. It is always important to teach children from a very young age to call 911 during an emergency.
    Good job little one! ♥

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