LeBron James High School Tale Being Acquired by Universal Pictures

LeBron James

After an aggressive bidding war that saw several studios vying for the film, sources say Universal Pictures is nearing a deal to acquiring the rights to an untitled pic revolving around NBA superstar LeBron James’ high school career.

“Wolf of Wall Street” scribe Terrence Winter and his wife, “Dallas Buyers Club” producer Rachel Winter, will produce along with James and his manager Maverick Carter. The picture is based on a pitch by Frank E. Flowers.

The story was covered in the 2008 documentary, “More Than a Game,” which followed James and his four high school teammates through their playing career together and the ups and downs that came with it while James’ fame grew to astronomical levels.

Besides being considered the best and probably most popular player in the NBA over the past decade, James’ brand and business has become one of the most desirable of any athlete since Michael Jordan, leading Hollywood players to try to get in business with the Miami Heat player.  Universal is a good fit since it is already in the James business — the studio and Imagine Entertainment are currently developing the basketball comedy “Ballers” which James is expected to star in alongside Kevin Hart.

James is also executive-producing the “Entourage”-like Starz comedy “Survivor’s Remorse” about a young basketball star who signs a multi-million dollar contract and moves to Georgia with his cousin.

article by Justin Kroll via Variety.com

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