Issa Rae’s Color Creative Initiative Supports Minority Writers

IssaRaeIt might seem like she has the Midas touch, but Issa Rae knows it’s not always that easy to make magic happen and become a success, so she’s making sure to help others who are following in her path.

“I get irritated when others are in a position where they can help others and they don’t pay it forward,” Issa told Sister 2 Sister. “I think that’s the most important part.”

The The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl creator is putting actions behind those words with Color Creative, an initiative that gives “great writers of color a platform and an audience.”

First, the brainchild of Jahmela Biggs, is one of the projects Issa is supporting. It’s a Webseries about falling in love.

“I really, really liked it. It has ‘90s sensibilities in the way that I enjoyed Love Jones so much and it reminded me a lot of it,” the Exhale co-host said.  The third episode of the Web series premieres Wednesday on Issa’s YouTube channel.

In addition to creating and supporting Webseries and co-hosting Exhale on Aspire, Issa said she’s also working on a book, a collection of essays. As if that’s not enough, she’s still in the process of producing a series for HBO.

It may seem like Issa mapped an uncharted road to success intentionally, by launching the Awkward Black Girl series years ago, but she said her rise to the top was sort of unexpected.

“I wish it was part of my master plan. I wish I was that smart,” she said. “I’m just taking it in stride. I was very surprised at how fast it did take off. You just don’t expect that magnitude. I never expected to have all these opportunities continue and that’s what I’m most appreciative for,” she said, thanking her fans.

“I have a ridiculously supportive viewership and fan base. They’re so dedicated to our success and I love that,” she said.

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  1. I support Issa Rae, Blackandsexy, Al Thomas, Dormtainment, etc. Please, keep it coming. I watch these shows more than TV. They speak to our experiences and violence is in the negatives on these shows. What I dig most on these web series is that everybody, actor you see is more than capable of producing, editing, writing, catering, being the janitor (joking). They are extremely talented.

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