GBN MUSIC REVIEW: Quick Love for Pharrell Williams’ “GIRL”


Review by Lesa Lakin
Review by Lesa Lakin

In our quest for great music, we didn’t hesitate to add Pharrell Williams‘ latest release GIRL to our must-have list.  He is, after all, the man who makes us “Happy.”

GIRL celebrates women in this insightful, sultry, melodically delicious album.  Giving the ladies much more than a superficial “I get you” wink, Pharrell lyrically dedicates this album to all the amazing women he’s ever come across, and had me swooning from track one.  Listen closely to “Marilyn Monroe” — he celebrates ALL females and all of our differences.  In our current climate of technology-based put downs (social media rants) and the ever-increasing desire for perfect beauty, Pharrell thoughtfully doles out the love no matter who you are or what you look like.  He wants a different girl… and it’s refreshing.

My personal favorites on the album are “Hunter”, “Come Get It Bae”, “Lost Queen” (I love when he sing/talks on this one), “It Girl” and a fun song with Justin Timberlake called “Brand New” — all great turn-it-up-and-blast songs.  There’s something about the smoothness of Pharrell’s voice paired with his incomparable, artistic use of beats, lyrics and vocals that make me want to run, bounce, dance, drive… MOVE!   Simply put, this album will make you… yes, I’m saying it again, but in all caps now – HAPPY.  Additionally, Alicia Keys lends her vocals to the inspirational track “Know Who You Are.”  Great beats for the boys with melodic compliments to empower the girls.  This man pleases all while provoking deeper feelings.

And seriously, when I heard there was even a controversy about Pharrell’s choice of cover models (hysteric claims of no brown girls)… I sighed. Who doesn’t know that Pharrell likes brown girls, all girls… and why do we even care what models he chose?  Slow your roll haters and get your facts straight — Williams is extremely inclusive.  P.S.  there is a black model featured.    

GIRL is non-stop fun and a timeless keeper which should capture audiences of various ages.  I’ve been arguing with my youngest sister for years over who the original Pharrell fan is in the family.  She actually tried to claim that she’s loved/known about “Skateboard P.”  the longest.  It’s pretty cute but I can’t ever let her have this.  I’ve been digging Pharrell since, well… I’m not going to date myself.  Just trust that Mr. Williams has been making me dance for quite some time and there are no signs of him stopping any time soon.

Oh, and about Pharrell using “GIRL” as the album’s title before everyone starts — yes, of course sometimes calling a woman a “girl” can be condescending and even worse, derogatory.  But that’s certainly not Pharrell’s intention here.  It’s a fun, inclusive and tender use of the word, and truth be told, I don’t think there is a woman out there who doesn’t want to be somebody’s girl.  I’m winking back… thanks, Pharrell.

GIRL by Pharrell Williams – GBN highly recommended

5 thoughts on “GBN MUSIC REVIEW: Quick Love for Pharrell Williams’ “GIRL””

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  2. Dear BCarter,

    Thank you for expressing your opinion. GBN welcomes and appreciates many different points of view.

    On the issue of Pharrell Williams and the backlash against him for not having a black woman on his album cover… imagery is powerful – on this point we certainly agree. It is extremely important that our images as people of color are positive, varied and prevalent. That’s actually what Good Black News is all about. We are also about gathering information and not rushing to judgment about people. And the latter, I believe, is what happened when people saw his cover.

    Pharrell Williams has earned the right to put anyone he deems fit to be on his album cover. He has shown over and over that he is NOT exclusionary or color struck. I may agree with you if this was a designer who limits the use of women of color on the catwalk. Or a TV show creator that just can’t seem to ever find a place for any diversity on his or her show. But that is not who we are talking about. Pharrell is a man who has publicly gushed about the color of Lupita’s skin, bragged about beauty tips given to him by Naomi Campbell. He seems to love all of us and every shade we come in. And this is also the man that is standing next to a black woman on the cover of GIRL. There was a clear rush to judgement to say that he didn’t include a black woman on his cover when he actually did. Is she… am I… less black because of the color of our skin? You see, that is colorism — the exact same thing Pharrell is being accused of. We are all black, no matter the hue, and divisiveness along these lines helps nobody.

    Again, I appreciate your opinion and your words and we here at GBN will continue to work hard to promote positive black images in the media – all black images.

    All the best,
    Lesa Lakin
    GBN Lifestyle/Fashion Editor

  3. Wow! “Hysteric claims of no brown girls”. We care what models he use because he that controls the image controls the mind. If we, Black people, do not think that it is important to include people of darker complexions in our work and art, then no will. This is not a sighing sort of issue. Colorism should not be tolerated or seen as whining! Lesa, I think if you were my complexion, you would sigh for a different reason.

    ps. Oh yeah, thanks for pointing out the Black girl…

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