Nine Year-Old Leukemia Patient Jayvon Felton Serves as Detroit Police Chief For a Day

Detroit mayor for a day

Motor City had a new police chief on Friday, as a young boy with leukemia had a lifelong dream fulfilled by serving as honorary “Chief for a Day.”  Nine-year-old fourth-grader Jayvon Felton was celebrated in a ceremony coordinated by Detroit police Capt. Darwin Roche. Jayvon, who was diagnosed with leukemia in April, was decked out in a blue S.W.A.T. uniform, complete with a gold badge and officer’s cap.

Jayvon arrived by helicopter and was then ihntroduced to a group of officers, police dogs, classmates, Detroit mascots and family, according to The Associated Press.  Jayvon has always dreamed of being a police officer and smiled broadly as Detroit’s real police chief, James Craig, swore him in.  Jayvon’s mother, Amanda Clinkscales, told The Detroit News that her son has been melancholy lately because he doesn’t feel like he is a normal boy. “I told him, ‘You are a regular boy. What you have is not your fault. We’re going to get through it because God said so, and you’ll be just fine, and I love you,’” Clinkscales said.

The new chief wasn’t a tough task-master during his day in the front office. The Detroit News reported that when asked if he had any orders, Jayvon responded, “Take the day off.”

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