Keisha Knight Pulliam Promotes Self-Esteem for Girls Through Non-Profit Kamp Kizzy, Reveals Hair and Beauty Secrets

Hairfinity When  offered the opportunity to interview our favorite childhood friend, Rudy Huxtable from The Cosby Show, we were excited to catch up with the lovable Cosby Kid.

When she’s not auditioning or making sure her body is right and tight, Keisha Knight Pulliam can be found mentoring teenage girls through her non-for-profit summer camp, Kamp Kizzy, or promoting Hairfinity, a hair growth product everyone from Toya Carter to Regina King is raving about.

Known for her flawless skin and unbelievably laid hair, Pulliam shared an important secret with us that many women overlook when determing their health and beauty regimens. Check out what the big secret is in our Q&A below.

Why did you decide to become Hairfinity’s brand ambassador?

I decided to become the brand ambassador for Hairfinity ( because I believe in the product. I would never sell something I didn’t already use. Prior to becoming  brand ambassador, I used the product to see how I really felt about it.  Since I began using it,  there is a huge difference with my hair. It is thicker, longer and it sheds less. Initially I didn’t tell my friends I was using the product and after a while they began to tell me how great my hair looks and that’s how I knew Hairfinity was working.

What’s your personal hair care regimen?

I usually flat iron my hair, but when I’m working out I will make it curly; I go with the looks of my lifestyle. I take my Hairfinity vitamins daily along with my other vitamins; I make sure to drink lots of water and eat good fruits and vegetables. I also make sure to not put too much heat on my hair, too, when styling it.

What’s your number one beauty tip for black women?

Honestly, at the end of the day, it starts from the inside so you need consistency. You have to be consistent with your own personal hair care or fitness regimen. You cannot expect miracles overnight; it’s important to commit and give things time. As black women, we are not homogeneous, so you must create a routine based on your individual needs. There are so many vitamins and health products out there but you have to think about your body’s chemistry. Go to a really good nutritionist or find natural remedies to help maintain your health.

Why did you create Kamp Kizzy?

Kamp Kizzy is my heart. It’s a non-profit I started for 11-16 year old girls. We focus on empowerment and self esteem. It is important for girls to dream big and accomplish big — understanding there is nothing outside of their reach. We host programs throughout the year, but in the summer we host usually 100 girls for free. This past summer we had 105 girls join us. They come from all across the country to Atlanta.  We have different workshops based on vision boards,  sexual and reproductive health, yoga  and respect. We create a very safe place and judgement-free zone for the girls. Kamp Kizzy is based on who I am as a woman; I realize not everyone will have the same experiences as me. Kamp Kizzy is about broadening another person’s horizon.

Click on the link to see Keisha in action with some of the Kamp Kizzy campers!

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3 thoughts on “Keisha Knight Pulliam Promotes Self-Esteem for Girls Through Non-Profit Kamp Kizzy, Reveals Hair and Beauty Secrets”

  1. I am interested in getting my rising 6tg grader to attend Kamp Kizzy next summer…..just found out about your camp and is very impressed and would love for my daughter to be apart of the experience.I

  2. Hello Keisha, I grew up watching The Cosby show and I enjoyed your character Rudy. Rudy was sweet and cute kid. However I find Keisha, the woman to be very inspiring and empowering. so please keep doing what you’re doing because I know you’re making a huge difference in the lives of all the teenagers you have the privilege of working with and anyone who knows you.
    God Bless You Keisha

  3. Hello, I am truly impressed with impact you are making on girls n your community. I have also have a new nonprofit organization called I am you 360 our focus is to build self esteem, self worth, confdence, for children in the child welfare system. We are educating foster care parents on hair and skin education. It has been proven children in foster care have poor appearance and low self image. We are creating a bridge to awareness and community compassion for families, children, and teens restoring hope through workshops, complimentary hair care services, and education on personal care. As well as donating hygiene items to group homes to promote healthy hair and skin, We are like minded in our visions. A collaboration would be great. We invite you to our website Thank you in advance.

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