EDITORIAL: What We Can Do To Honor and Bring Justice to Trayvon Martin’s Life

Trayvon-Martin-in-hoodieIt seems impossible that anyone may not know only hours ago George Zimmerman was found not guilty and cleared of all charges in the Trayvon Martin trial held in Florida.  Is seems impossible that anyone may not react with sadness, anger, disbelief, or any combination of the three.  It also seems impossible to know what to do in this moment that would counteract this miscarriage of justice and continued devaluation of the humanity of young black men in America. But if we consider the basics of what we know about Trayvon Martin, we can honor him by following his example and setting our own:

1. Act lawfully – no rioting or lashing out in anger – only defend yourself when you need to.  Refuse to reduce yourself to prejudice and unprovoked violence.  Both are the refuge of the cowardly and weak.

2. Get proactive. Write, email and tweet your local, state and federal officials and representatives and let them know you consider this verdict a travesty and want them to publicly make a statement saying as much.

3. Join the NAACP’s movement to get the Department of Justice to file civil charges against Zimmerman by clicking here or here at moveon.org and signing the petition and share the link immediately on all your social media.

4.  Urge every Floridian you know to clamor for the repeal of Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law by contacting their state and federal representatives.

5.  Vote.  In every local, state and federal election.  Use your voice to make policy and change policy.

6. Go see “Fruitvale Station” if it is playing in your town this weekend, or flood the theaters on July 26th when it opens wide.  Make this movie number one. Show America with your dollars that taking the lives of black men simply for being black men demeans us all as human beings and will not be tolerated any longer.

7. Emmett Till.  Medgar Evers.  Martin Luther King Jr.  Oscar Grant.  Trayvon Martin… and countless, nameless others.  Teach the history. NEVER FORGET.  1010700_10151551434014646_2109577172_n

by Lori Lakin Hutcherson, Good Black News Editor-in-Chief

16 thoughts on “EDITORIAL: What We Can Do To Honor and Bring Justice to Trayvon Martin’s Life”

  1. Reblogged this on Berna's Vibe~The Way I See IT and commented:
    PLEASE join ME in signing on & joining the NAACP’s movement to get the D.O.J. to file civil charges against Zimmerman. It IS time to DO something progressive for ALL. If one of mankind goes down innocently; we ALL fall short..Please read my progressive Trayvon Martin post.

  2. After wrapping up my post on the “Trayvon situation” a short big ago; I find myself emotionally drained..I’m feeling ALL of the above emotions; with an extra big fat dose of PISSED off. And IF folks aren’t then there is something wrong with their sense of right & wrong. This is WRONG on so many levels. I’m not digesting it well; out of all the crap I’ve swallowed in my 50 yrs this is the LAST straw. Enough is enough..as IF its not enough for Black MEN to be filling the prisons/jails UP; now its onto taking our babies lives before they can even become men. I’m naive I guess; I stood on Faith that justice would be served. Law or NO Law; this shouldn’t have gone down like this. But strategic planning helps! And IF we don’t plan our own plan(a new Civil Rights Movement is necessary) then only God can help us..Its my belief though WE can help ourselves. Waybackwhen the Civil Rights Movement was headed by the likes of MLK, Jr; they didn’t even have internet! YET they were able to make massive changes Nationwide..is it not then clearly possible we have the tools to do that in this day and age?? As a mother of 3 Black young MEN I refuse to be quiet any longer..this has GOT to stop. All of our sons are just a hoodie & pack of skittles away from walking innocently into the wrong wannaBcop(a rejected one!) . Lawd! every time I think about the big fat koolaid smile on his face after the verdict was read I get amped up all over again…Trayvon’s not going to court last night was an indication they knew all was lost..Or was IT? Its only a loss if WE don’t get off our fannies and DO something progresssive..If there was ever a time we needed a new MLK, JR its right now. Its high time, about time, and past time. So disgusted right now I can’t see straight. I’m going sign the petition you’ve posted & thank you for doing so

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