‘Fatherhood Is…’ Social Media Campaign By Sabrina Thompson Invites Users to Upload Pictures of Great Black Dads

father with daughterTHE SOCIAL SERIES PROJECT is a series of online campaigns that promotes positive images in society through imagery. In a world filled with negative images, KUU photography wants to take responsibility and create balance through amazing visual arts. They present the first edition titled: “Fatherhood Is…”

The project includes a video and a Facebook page.

Sabrina Thompson, who created “Fatherhood Is…”, has the simple goal to photograph and share photos of black fathers interacting with their children. She herself compiled images of more than fifty fathers into the above video and encourages viewers to share and upload photographs of themselves with their African-American fathers via social media during the week leading up to Father’s Day.

To learn more about this project, click here.

article by Lori Lakin Hutcherson

5 thoughts on “‘Fatherhood Is…’ Social Media Campaign By Sabrina Thompson Invites Users to Upload Pictures of Great Black Dads”

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  3. Thanks for the excellent & positive montage of black men & black fatherhood in the black community! We definitely need to see so many more positive affirmation of ourselves in order to break the stigma that has been systematically & psycologically attached to our people, (especially, the black man) and in order to heal as a community. Please keep the Great works coming! -Yourblackcommunity & -Yourblackbusinesscommunity

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