Prince Puts Up New Website; “Screwdriver” Lyric Video

prince-2012-australian-tour-announced_hGBN may be a bit biased, but every time Prince puts out new music, we are compelled to define it as good news.  What’s more, he has a new website,, where you can view and get share codes of his latest videos and protégés.  The New Yorker recently published an article entitled “Has Prince Made Peace With The Internet?”, which we certainly hope he has, and that more music videos from him, past and present, will be available for all to enjoy.

article by Lori Lakin Hutcherson

3 thoughts on “Prince Puts Up New Website; “Screwdriver” Lyric Video”

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  2. Prince is out of touch. He decimated his career just by the simple act of being unaccessible in todays environment. It’s cultural and social suicide. Music is extremely cultural and very social. Especially today. He should have embraced it when he had a chance. I think he might have a chance to redeem himself a little bit, but the damage is pretty far gone. Most people laugh when they talk about Prince and his paranoia about being online. If he spent more time uploading his material and less time blocking he would have a totally different presence in the music industry. Instead of being the guy that plays a great show if you get him on a good day, but has a dead recording career. He’s lost steam completely. I’m a HUGE fan of his older stuff because it was genius. His new stuff is ridiculously cheesy.

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