Former Estee Lauder Executive Launches Organization For Black Business Women

via Black MBA Women's Facebook page

Daria Burke, a former Estee Lauder executive, has left her job to start a new program: Black MBA Women.

The stated goal on the organization’s website is to “create and reinforce a strong network of black women with top MBA degrees, and to empower the under-served post-MBA community by providing professional development content and programming, and access to relevant career opportunities.” The group is a membership organization that seeks to connect black women who are enrolled or have completed their studies at one of the nation’s top 25 business schools.

Before launching the program, Clutch reports, Burke was the director of make-up marketing at Estee Lauder. She points out that the CFO of that company, as well as executives at many others, are black women. Taken a step further, Black MBA Women wants to highlight the accomplishments of these women and encourage young black women to consider business school.

“It is so important to tell the range of our stories, and for these amazing women— many of whom go unnoticed—to be recognized for their success and the barriers they continue to break for us to have a seat at the table,” she tells Clutch.  Membership costs $50 annually for students and $250 per year for professionals.

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