Blacks Win in Congress With Five New Members

Last night was an extraordinary election for the black community.  President Barack Obama was able to reaffirm his success as a leader for the majority of voting Americans, and now blacks have a stronger foot-hold in congress.

Yesterday five new African Americans were sworn into Congress. Some of these new members beat out Republican candidates in key states, while others are occupying new seats in states like Nevada.  This election keeps the number of black members of congress at 44. lists the 5 new Black members as follows:


1. Joyce Beatty – Former Democratic state representative Joyce Beatty has been elected to a new Ohio congressional district in Columbus. She beat Republican Chris Long.

2. Steve Horsford – Horsford, Nevada’s first Black Senate majority leader, won a new seat created in Nevada.

3. Marc Veasey – Texas State Rep. Marc Veasey will serve in a new House district in North Texas after defeating Republican Chuck Bradley.

4. Hakeem Jeffries – Jeffries, a New York State Assemblyman, was easily victorious in Brooklyn’s 8th congressional district. Rep. Ed Towns held the seat for 29 years before announcing his retirement this year.

5. Donald Payne, Jr. – Payne will serve in New Jersey’s 10th congressional district after the death of his father in March.

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