Quincy Jones Accepts Montblanc Lifetime Achievement Award

 It was an evening suitable for a legend at the historic Chateau Marmont hotel in West Hollywood, as internationally acclaimed composer, filmmaker and philanthropist Quincy Jones was on hand to receive the Montblanc Lifetime Achievement Award.  There to introduce the iconic producer were Hollywood legends Sidney Poitier and Morgan Freeman as well as Quincy Jones’ daughter, actress and filmmaker Rashida Jones

 “Nobody handles an artist as well as Quincy, he is an artist in that regard,” noted record mogul and Beats by Dre co-founder Jimmy Iovine.  Iovine went on to talk about Jones’ limitless spectrum of musical range proclaiming, “Quincy is one of the few guys out there right now that has the complete history of American music and has the full range of things to pull from.”

Ageless MC, Q-Tip, whose album The Last Zulu is expected to come out next year on Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music imprint, also spoke about Jones.  Tip, who is a successful producer in his own right, talked about what Jones’ legacy means to him. “His musicianship reaches a depth that really is unparalleled,” said the A Tribe Called Quest rapper. “For [Quincy] to still have the ferocity and the energy to make timeless music is a quality that I want to have when I grow up.”

The man of the hour, Mr. Quincy Jones himself, talked a bit about what he thinks of the current state of American music.  “Our music is going on around the world now!” exclaimed Jones, who then half-jokingly pointed out, “A lot of countries know more about our music, jazz and hip hop, than we do.”  Shortly after chatting, Jones was off to the stage to accept his prestigious award, which was handed to him by Montblanc North America CEO Jan Patrick Schmitz. In addition to the award itself, Schmitz gave $20,000 to The Jazz Foundation of America, an organization dedicated to helping aging jazz musicians, on behalf of Quincy Jones.

article by Jacob Rohn via bet.com

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