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Harlem Mom Calls On Toymaker to Create Black Barbie Party Supplies

karen braithwaiteWhen Karen Braithwaite (pictured) could not find party supplies for her daughter’s fifth birthday gathering with images of Black Barbies, she took her gripe to Change.org and YouTube in order to twist the corporate arm of the famed doll’s manufacturer, reports CBS New York.

The Harlem-based, 40-year-old human resources manager could not fathom why the toy company makes Black Barbie dolls but failed to create a culturally diverse line of party goods that would follow suit. She refused to purchase supplies with images of blond-haired, blue-eyed Barbies for her daughter, Georgia (pictured), despite the child’s insistence.

Braithwaite is at the helm of the group of 14 Harlem moms who have taken up their concerns with Mattel. The Change.org online petition that Braithwaite started last month has thus far garnered nearly 5,000 signatures. The request has reportedly not fallen on deaf ears and the toy maker, which manufactured its first African-American doll, Christie, in 1968, is reportedly considering the move to create the cultural party supplies.

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On Mattel’s social media page, the company tweeted two replies to people who brought the issue to their attention: “We work closely with our partners to develop and distribute Barbie products such as party supplies,” and “We will be sharing your valuable feedback with them to start conversations and evaluate the business.”

Black Is Beautiful: Why Black Dolls Matter

Collectors Weekly Show & Tell poster stepback_antiques has this topsy-turvy doll from the 1870s in his collection.

Topsy-Turvy Doll from the 1870s.

In February 21st’s issue of Collector’s Weekly,  Associate Editor Lisa Hix wrote a thoughtful, in-depth article entitled “Black Is Beautiful: Why Black Dolls Matter.”  Hix’ piece covers the comprehensive history of black dolls, from early 19th century Topsy Turvy dolls (pictured above) to Limited Edition Black Barbies (pictured below).  GBN encourages you to click here to check it out.

This Barbie Collector edition doll, called "In the Limelight" the first featuring clothing by black designer Byron Lars, got Debra Britt's sister Kareema Thomas out of her hospital bed to hunt for dolls in 1997.

Barbie Collector edition doll, called “In the Limelight” was the first featuring clothing by black designer Byron Lars.

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article by Lori Lakin Hutcherson

Doc McStuffins Doll Most Sought After Christmas Gift This Year

Photo courtesy of YouTube

Photos courtesy of YouTube

Doc McStuffins, the star of this year’s breakout children’s show, has been officially dubbed the most sought-after gift this holiday season.  The new doll has even unseated Elmo as this year’s must-have holiday toy.  The Disney series was introduced in March and has surpassed Dora the Explorer as the top-rated cable TV show for kids, reports the New York Daily News.

Doc McStuffins is a 6-year-old African-American girl who treats sick toys.

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Kenya Doll From The 90s Gets Relaunch This November

Kenya Doll
The popular Kenya dolls from the 1990s are back.  Kenya first hit shelves in 1992 and became an overnight success — consistently selling out in stores across the country and ultimately becoming one of the cult favorite toys of the decade. Created to provide girls of color with a toy that reflected their appearance (both their skin tone and features) and could be used as a tool to instill self-esteem, the dolls are arguably just as important today as they were then.  Kenya’s World LLC, the company relaunching the product line, is hoping the new dolls for the next generation of little girls will be as well-received when they hit shelves once again this November. Continue reading “Kenya Doll From The 90s Gets Relaunch This November”

African American Business Woman Shows Girls They Are ‘Positively Perfect’ With Doll Line

San Diego, CA (September 4, 2012) — World of EPI’s newest doll line, the Positively Perfect Diva Collection, will be available in select stores and online in time for holiday shoppers.

“Having already created an infant and toddler line of multicultural dolls, the concept for this new line started with my desire to target girls in a slightly older age group,” said Lisa Williams, Ph.D., CEO. “I wanted young ladies to know that they are Dignified, Intelligent, Vivacious and Attractive – and the Diva Collection materialized.” Divas radiate confidence and beauty. When they walk into a room all heads turn, because of their outer beauty and inner grace. Diana loves to write, Abrielle is a dancer, and Zair is an artist. All are straight “A” students. Continue reading “African American Business Woman Shows Girls They Are ‘Positively Perfect’ With Doll Line”