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African Prints In European Cuts Are A Hit In Fall Fashion

Vlisco Designs

Vlisco Designs is a fabric company that makes it its speciality to experiment with wild, new ideas for African fabrics, breaking the boundaries of the expected with these traditional fabrics. (Photo: Facebook)

Couture runways and the concrete walkways of the streets are evidence that the use of African prints is expanding in fashion, but with modern European styling and a fresh sensibility.  Traditionally, African prints have been used for formal ethnic costumes with volumes of lengthy layers. Or they have made it to the mainstream in the form of political dashikis. For the younger demographic, these older styles haven’t won many fans. Indeed, the trendier set wants to show their shape, flaunt a little skin, add a few inches to their stature, and find pieces that sample from the latest runway ensembles. Continue reading “African Prints In European Cuts Are A Hit In Fall Fashion”