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Mariah Carey Releases Obama Tribute Song “Bring It On Home” On Soundcloud

Mariah and Obama 16x9

Mariah Carey is showing the world just how patriotic she can be. Yesterday the “One Sweet Day” singer posted photos of herself at a polling station as she cast her vote for the next U.S. President. Today, Mariah has released “Bring It On Home,”  an inspirational song celebrating Obama’s re-election, joining Stevie Wonder and Will.i.am in the ranks of artists supporting the President through their music.

Mariah’s longtime producer Jermaine Dupri took to Twitter this morning to announce the release of the track. “NEW MARIAH CAREY SONG, SHE WROTE FOR OBAMA,BTW THIS IS THE REAL VERSION,” he wrote.

“Bring It On Home” is a throwback Mariah’s sound from the 90’s, as she is backed up by a choir while belts out the song’s lyrics.  Mariah first performed the song at a fundraiser for Obama during the summer.  Click here to hear the song.

original article by Chris Witherspoon via thegrio.com