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Menswear Brand Ikiré Jones Mixes High Fashion with African Aesthetics

ikire jones menswear wale oyejideIkiré Jones is the brainchild of Wale Oyejide, crowned by Esquire Magazine as one of the “Best Dressed Real Men in America.” His clothing line is a sly mix of fashion forward eclectic designs with an urban sensibility. Rather than creating beautiful garments that lack the functionality to be worn every day, Ikiré Jones designs high quality attire that’s at home in the office or after work. His dapper style can best be described as “West Africa meets Brooklyn.”

We recently sat down with Wale to discuss his clothing line, his background and his road to entrepreneurship.

BlackEnterprise.comWhat made you decide to launch a line of menswear?

Wale Oyejide: I’ve always seen myself as something of a creative. Before I went to law school and entered the practice of law, I spent a few years as an independent musician. I put out a few albums before deciding to attempt to do something a bit more “respectable.”  Well, fast forward a few years later, and I have realized that none of us should try to bury who we really are. I’m very proud to be an attorney, but I’m more proud to be someone who is also bold (and a little foolish) enough to follow his passions.

The Ikiré Jones line is just another avenue for me to feed that creative spark inside me, while paying homage to my Nigerian heritage and addressing the fact that so many men are in dire need of help where their wardrobes are concerned.

The world arguably has too many lawyers. Sadly, the same cannot be said of independent thinkers who want to push society forward with their talents.

Well stated. It’s refreshing to see someone wholly accept the challenge of being an entrepreneur, especially coming from a relatively secure career as law. What obstacles have you faced since becoming an entrepreneur?

WO: No one gets anywhere on their own; and it makes very little sense to attempt to reinvent the wheel.However, as a lone gunman entering a foreign (to me) industry, part of the struggle has simply been in knowing where to get information and who to speak with about reaching the next milestone. Oftentimes, the older guard look upon new faces with suspicion and can be wary of disclosing the wealth of information they’ve amassed over the years. In my experience, one just has to knock on enough doors until the right one eventually opens. It’s hard work, but if you ask enough people, someone will usher you in the right direction.

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GQ Names LeBron James Most Stylish Athlete Of 2013

lebron looking gq

As anyone who has been following basketball for the past two seasons can tell you, the most important thing a basketball player has to master in this day and age is his personal style. I know you might be thinking they should be working on their jumpers, watching film to learn defensive rotations or getting their cardio right with wind sprints, but that’s simply not the case. These days, if you’ve got the right look, you can become a notable NBA player for that reason alone. Don’t believe me, just consider how often you’ve thought about Andrew Bynum this season as compared to last year’s costume festival.  Now that I’ve convinced you of fashion’s importance in the NBA, you’ll be able to fully appreciate what an honor GQ just bestowed upon LeBron James, who was recently named their Most Stylish Athlete of 2013. Here’s what they had to say:

1. LeBron James
In his second year as the defending champion, LeBron has made good on his promise, silenced his critics, and now carries himself with the ease of a man who has nothing left to prove. And while his style remains polarizing, you can’t deny it works. Whether it’s his on-court tenacity or off-court kits, he goes hard both ways. Even his signature kicks have its dedicated devotees and detractors, but you know what they say: Haters gonna hate, but you can’t fault the Heat.

I know he has two titles, four MVPs, nine All-Star selections, seven All-NBA first team selections and five All-Defensive first team selections, but this might be the greatest award in LeBron’s career, and that’s including his 44 Player of the Week nods. The style game has become so competitive that besting an entire league of guys who are trying really hard to be the best-dressed is quite the accomplishment.

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NFL Star Plaxico Burress Launches Luxury Accessories Line

Plaxico Burress (center) at his luxury line launch event on Friday, May 19th. (Image courtesy of www.plaxicoburresscollection.com)
Plaxico Burress (center) at his luxury line launch event on Friday, May 19th. (Image courtesy of http://www.plaxicoburresscollection.com)

NFL star Plaxico Burress is testing new waters during the off-season and has launched a luxury sock line as part of The Plaxico Burress Collection.

A fan of vibrant and comfortable socks, Burress, 35, has spent the last two years designing a collection that reflects his taste in fashion and provides great-fitting socks to those who consider them hard to find.  “I’ve always been crazy about my socks, my socks have always been loud,” Burress told theGrio at his launch event on Friday.

“It’s all about comfort and style, I want to wear a sock that’s comfortable for me because I have a size 12 shoe, I put on a lot of these socks on and the heel box doesn’t even go over my heel,” he admits.  As a result, Burress took it upon himself to craft a line that provides these necessities for men – but he isn’t the only celeb to launch this venture.

Reality TV star Rob Kardashian has also recently entered the market for footwear and released his own line of designer socks, known as Arthur George. However, Burress says his collection “isn’t like anyone else’s, it’s a little different over here” and reassures that “it’s all about comfort and style.”

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Nail Art Fun With Nails By Regina & Emily B

The demand for nail art is at an all time high.  The designs are out of control and creativity is flowing through the tiny brushes that will bring all ten of your fingers to life. Stiletto nails, Swarovski crystals, glitter and 3D designs. You name it, it’s nail-possible.  I’ve been following Regina Rodriguez for quite some time now.  Emily B from Love & Hip Hop is a loyal customer and Emily’s nails are always a topic of discussion, so naturally I wanted to know a little more about the woman behind the magic, Regina. The 24-year-old Newport, VA sweetheart has been mastering her talent and bringing big smiles to hundreds of women who’ve gotten the opportunity to experience a private nail visit. Her Instagram following is an impressive 148k and growing.

What better way to get a look at her art then to get it on my own hands? I invited Regina to host a mini-manicure night from my home.  Check out my nail tutorial video with Regina Rodriguez in the comfort of my living space in the video above, and some of her work in the photo.

article by Mashonda Tifrere for Global Grind Staff

Patrick Robinson Named Creative Director of Armani Exchange

Patrick Robinson

According to Fashionista.com, Patrick Robinson, former Gap Creative Director who recently launched sportswear line Paskho via Kickstarter, will join Armani Exchange as its Creative Director.  

His responsibilities will “range from product development to providing creative direction in marketing areas.”

Robinson formerly held the position of Design Director at Giorgio Armani in the 1990s, and in his four years there he made the company’s “Collezioni” line profitable.

article by Lori Lakin Hutcherson, with contributions from Lesa Lakin via Breaking: Patrick Robinson Is Now the Creative Director of Armani Exchange | Fashionista.