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THE GOODS: Do Some Good, Get Some Good – H&M Garment Collecting – GBN

Dr. Thomas G. Lakin
Dr. Thomas G. Lakin

Today we are doing the Holiday Gift Guide a little differently. We’d like you to GIVE for sure. But this time how about giving AND helping the planet at the same time?

The picture above is of my father, Dr. Thomas G. Lakin. He was an educator, the first African-American chancellor of the Ventura County Community College District in California, in fact.

He believed whole-heartedly in the art of giving back… that knowledge is power… and that the Earth was ours to protect and nurture. With that instilled in us, my sister decided to do her part in giving back by creating what she hoped would become an online archive of all the great things that African-Americans do. Thus, Good Black News began. And yes, it is great to have a site that only reports on the GOOD we do (because, um…there is a lot of it!)

No doubt Dr. Lakin (if he were still alive) would be really proud of Good Black News. I am, and that is why I help out when time permits. In the photo above, our Dad is wearing a “Funky Planet “ T-shirt from a now-defunct, eco-conscious clothing venture of my sister Lori Lakin Hutcherson and her partners Teddy Tenenbaum and Bill Kuluva (I was the artist). My Dad loved it… and would often be photographed in Funky Planet product since it was “his daughters’” and well, he liked the idea of a cool planet.

Logo of an H and M store pictured in WarsawMy father was also one of the first guys I knew to get into health food and recycling… and that whole “earthy” thing way before it was the norm. So today, we’d like to help the Earth and get you a little discount on holiday shopping at the same time.

H&M is doing something great for the planet. Bring in your old clothes – no matter what brand or condition. And for every bag you turn in, you get a 15% discount card to be used on any purchase. Its GARMENT COLLECTING initiative earns H&M the proud label of being the first fashion company to collect clothes we no longer want and recycle or repurpose them. And for this we receive a 15% discount! Yep… it’s a Win Win.

For more information:


Shop H&M for affordable fashion: http://www.hm.com/us/

Lesa Lakin
article by Lesa Lakin

THE GOODS: For All – Holiday Gift Ideas / Flannel – GBN

Lesa Lakin GBN/The Goods Lifestyle
Lesa Lakin*

Today we’ve got goods for all. Nothing beats a laid back flannel/plaid for an instant look that may not be as haphazardly casual as you think. I found that out when I slipped on this top (pictured) sort of in a panic.

One of my sisters was stopping by my house on one of those middle-of-the-week /middle-of-the-day “Why aren’t we at work?” days. Because she hassles me sometimes about my “house outfits,” I actually hustled and changed the minute I heard she was on her way. Admittedly, I can come up with some seriously “eclectic” house roaming outfits. My son calls them my “behind the scenes” looks. I laugh every time because I do know better, I just don’t really care all the time.

That day I was wearing an old school Batman & Robin T-shirt and some loud patterned sweatpants. Whatever… I was at home, but I certainly wasn’t in the mood to hear the light criticism only a sister can deliver. So I tried a little before she arrived. I grabbed my jeans and this H&M flannel. Besides, I had a lunch date that day, so I figured I’d try at least a little. I was shocked by the immediate compliment my sister gave me. In fact, she wanted one. Okay!

Then, as I was walking her out, my actress neighbor stopped to comment on my “super cute” look. Huh? It’s just a flannel shirt. It wasn’t like it was my Isabel Marant one, and I wasn’t even fully styled. This was my new, reasonably priced find I thought might be cute open with a rocker tee or tank underneath. But I  didn’t really do the whole styled look… just grabbed it and put it on. I get it… it was better than the sweats I’ve been shuffling around in on my off days. Yes, a flannel (if styled correctly) can be dressed up.

Now, I’m not talking the grunge look of yesterday… but the new “flannels” (I put them in quotes because we are really talking plaids and material). Yes, they are different, but for some reason people seem to think they are synonymous. They are not. My kids’ school uniforms were plaid (a pattern) – my pajamas are flannel (material).

The pattern is a classic and the colors can be fun. For today’s gift choices, I will call them all flannels (you get it). The price of these H&M finds & styles are certainly right and make for a gift that might just give a little more than the wearer expects. Lightweight & heavier weights available. unnamed-4

FASHION: Olivier Rousteing’s “Balmain x” Collection for H&M in Stores Tomorrow

Balmain H&M

Lesa Lakin GBN Lifestyle
Lesa Lakin
GBN Lifestyle

It’s here! Starting tomorrow, November 5th, Balmain x hits 258 H&M stores worldwide. Arguably one of H&M’s coolest collaborations yet, Balmain x already has people lining up for first crack at these highly-anticipated pieces. Creative director Olivier Rousteing and the Balmain/H&M design teams offer a strong collection featuring women’s & menswear and a few limited edition pieces. Get ready to competitive shop because I’ve seen the pieces, and they are amazing! Personally, I’m looking to score that black and gold limited edition dress.

Check it out the collection online: http://www.hm.com/us/

GBN FASHION FIND: Alexander Wang Debuts at H&M on November 6

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 2.41.24 PM

It may be Halloween but there is no trick here… just a serious treat I can get behind — Alexander Wang for H&M.  Yep, that’s right… Alexander Wang is the first American designer to partner with the retail clothing company for its annual designer collaboration.  Only five more days until you can snag some of these pieces on November 6.

This collection has seriously got my head spinning. I flipped when I originally heard he was doing a collection for H&M.  It’s sports-minded and Wang branded… with that cool, urban feel.  I’ll certainly be running in and running around town in these pieces.  I’m sure there will be a mad dash to get these clothes, but you can preview the collection now and strategize!

To see Alexander Wang for H&M – the collection, click here.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 2.05.07 PM

Personally, I’ll be at my computer “adding to cart ” before the brick and mortars are even open.

Alexander’s collection includes thick pullover sweatshirts, leggings, scuba dresses, boots, boxing gloves, skirts, tank tops, a hat and jacket I absolutely have to have… and much, much more.

by Lesa Lakin GBN Fashion Happy Halloween!
by Lesa Lakin (in H&M) Happy Halloween!