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President Obama and the First Lady Encourage Americans to Apply for 2015-2016 White House Fellows Program

the-obamas-racist-tweet-puerto-ricoPresident Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are encouraging Americans to apply to the White House Fellows Program. The 2015-2016 application was launched on Nov. 1 and became accessible online. The program has become the nation’s leading fellowship for public service and leadership, gearing in exposing individuals to first-hand experience and a better understanding of operations performed in the Federal government. The White House Fellows Program consists of one working full-time in the offices of the Cabinet Secretaries, Senior White House staff, and other high-power Administration officials in Washington D.C.  This opportunity will provide a very exciting and rewarding year to the chosen candidates, showcasing a behind-the-scenes insight into the inner workings of how our government functions.

President Obama and his wife are quoted saying, “In the 50 years since its founding, the White House Fellows Program has helped prove that those who love their country, can change it. Our Nation needs your drive and talent, and we hope you consider applying to the program.”

To be eligible, you must be a U.S. citizen, you cannot be a current Federal government employee (with the exception of career military personnel), and you must have received a Bachelor’s degree and be currently working in your chosen profession. The selection process will be based on professional achievement, evidence of leadership and management skills, commitment to public service, and skills to succeed and have potential for growth. The application is available here from Nov. 1 to Jan. 15, 2015.

article by Cristie Leondis via blackenterprise.com

Three College Seniors Win $25,000 Fellowships

Since 1968 about 2,200 American college students have been awarded Thomas J. Watson Fellowships. The program, begun by the founder of IBM, offers graduating college seniors at 49 leading colleges $25,000 to travel the world on independent study projects. This year it appears that three of the 40 Watson fellows are of African descent.


Elias Aba Milki

is a senior at Amherst College. Next year he will travel to South Africa, Brazil, and Uganda to conduct research on how artists have used hip-hop music as a holistic tool for improving healthcare, such as using music to raise AIDS awareness.  Milki was born in New York but was raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He hopes to become a physician.

Jeanette Charles is a senior at Scripps College in California. Charles, of African-Latina descent, will spend the next year on her research project entitled “Afro-American Voices Through a History of People’s Literature.” She will travel to Venezuela, Peru, Nicaragua, Martinique, and Ecuador studying local poetry, literature, and oral histories of people of African descent in Latin America.

Nathan Thomas

is a senior anthropology major at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas. He will use his Watson award to investigate cultural education in four metropolitan primary schools in Australia, Finland, South Africa, and India. Thomas, a native of Fayetteville, Arkansas, states that the four schools have established an educational philosophy that broadens their academic focus and each is renowned for capitalizing on its educational culture.

article via www.jbhe.com